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I developed prostate inflammation during my 4 week finasteride treatment for hair loss some years ago.

Since then i have been dealing with exacerbating prostate and testicular pains, ongoing testicular atrophy, sexual dysfunction, adrenal problems and general fatigue.

After many hormonal approaches have failed to correct the underlying 5-ar II deficiency i have tried to restore prostate health with antibiotics, antibiotic cocktails with prostate massages and other methods. I have seen clear signs that some of my androgenicity returns during those treatments, especially with the prostate massages but the results are rather dissapointing because simultaneously i am facing an ongoing testicular atrophy due to the lack of dihydrotestosterone in my system.

I have been approached by seveal endocrinologists and urologists and noone can really improve my condition as long as the prostatic inflammation is not combated. I have been given the prostatectomy a serious thought and discussed with some surgeons about such a possibility, so that i can implement hormone treatments afterwards in a inflammatory-free environment. See in my case i will be needing ultra-high doses of testosterone to push whatever enzyme is left over functoning in order to revive somewhat my sexual ability and the ongoing inflammation hinders me from being treated correctly.

I would like to ask some post-operative patients, and especially the medics who have undergone this, how is their life afterwards in regards to sexuality and incontinence and whether they have considered the need of adding testosterone?

I am curious to know to what extend do testicles produce testosterone and convert to dht even in a non-finasteride user post-prostatectomy since the prostate plays a crucial role in the conversion of T to DHT, but so do the testicles.

I have my feet in two boats right now and both are sinking, my prostate is seriously inflammed and my testicles are rapidly atrophying and I need to do something to get over this before i wreck completely. 

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