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Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has had hip issues with prostatisis. I am noticing all my pelvic pain is on one side particularly. My right testicle is the one that seems to feel discomfort (it does not hurt to touch it) and as well my right hip tends to be sore and tense (the muscles in particular). I have looked in the mirror and have noticed that the right side of my lower body tends to protrude slightly more than my left.


Could this misalignment be potentially causing my prostatisis?


Has anyone heard of a link between the two?

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I am aware of one patient whose prostatitis is associated with severe hip pain. He has been on lots of antibiotics. We know that some antibiotics are associated with orthopedic complaints, e.g. Achilles tendon rupture. So theoretically, it's possible that the sequence was prostatitis leading to antibiotics leading to tendon and/or ligament pains, possibly in the pelvis.

I just got out of hospital with prostatitis. Was diagnosed with malagia prostetica one year ago too, nerve damage in right thigh. Now while recovering from Prost. I feel very warm sensations in thighs as fluid builds up in bladder. Very bad at night since bladder fills while sleeping , thoughts?

Hey John,

How were you diagnosed with nerve damage ? 

I am wondering if I have the same problem since I do a lot of exercise. 

Did your nerve damage cause your prostatisis or was the nerve damaged from prostatisis ? 

I agree with the doctor on this in the Uk 9 out of 10 patients get diagnosed with CCPS

when in actual fact they have CBP it is rare that any injury or muscle would cause 

prostatitis this has been proved in other countries such as italy. 

the fact is ignorance among the UK Uro and medical community mean that proper

tests and treatments are not carried out and in many cases even if the test are carried 

out they will not find the case due to biofilms or unknown pathogens. 

therefore hip or muscular pain are more likely a factor of poor treatment 

and or consequent disease aggravation or in rare cases drug side effects.



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