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A new study from San Francisco shows that in men who have sex with men, prostatitis is associated with lower urinary tract symptoms. So are depression and other variables.

We know that lower urinary tract symptoms are associated with prostatitis. So is depression. 

Are patients and physicians addressing the emotional dysfunction that goes with prostatitis?



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I'd say in some cases urinary symptoms area problem in other cases the

symptoms are purely confined to the prostate unless something aggrivates

it to spread to other organs like poor treatment with anti-biotics. 

Depression will often be a factor as the prostate plays a role in hormone function

some believe it not to be important or indicate dyhydrotestosterone as a guilty

hormone responsible for prostate enlargement or malfunction it is infact a much

stronger version of testosterone that can help tissue growth and repair and 

increase positive mood in men. Low testosterone is a major factor in depression

this has been proven in various studies almost conclusively.

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