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Does anyone experience anxiety from prostatitis. Does the anxiety make symptoms worse?

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I would highly recomend the book "A Headache in the Pelvis"  as it has helped in the control of many of my symptoms.  There are several widely different schools of thought.  After five years of research I would consider myself well versed in Prostatitis, which is really just a blanket term for many uroligical symptoms.  It is sad how little doctors know about the disease.  The pain from Urinary dysfunction more often than not leads to anxiety, and that coupled with the negligence from the medical community creates an environment of fear.  Fear and anxiety cause us to tense our pelvic floor, often exzacerbating our symtoms.  Dr. Wise suggests that 95% of Prostatitis and Pelvic pain/discomfort sufferers can be cured through lifestyle change, massage, and Paradoxal Relaxation.  I often want to rip out my prostate, and after 15 different Urologists, and 15 diagnosis of Prostatitis, I have little evidence there is anything wrong with my Prostate Gland.  Limit stress and bladder irratants, such as caffiene and alcohol and read his book. 

David, I have had CP for 13 years now This past year I guess emotionally I had taken all I could take, 3 panic attacks and 3 anxiety medications later, I would say yes that this has definitely caused anxiety in my life. I am 100% positive it is a direct result of CP.



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