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im new to the forum and arent sure if im doing this right but.

The semen itself is abnormally sticky/mucusy, and is often very thick and in clumps.  Theres pain on ejaculation and for hours after.  

I've had prostatitis issues in general since 2009.  After various antibiotics theres alot of improvement, however after a recent re infection (6 months ago) and antibiotics, the one symptom that remains constant is pain during sexual activity (leading to premature ejaculation) and pain during and post-ejaculation. During antibotic treatment it was basically clear water.  But now its very thick again.  

I'm very worried as I've been on tons of antibotics and theres been no cultured bacteria found , but theres very obviously still an infectitious nature.  

My digestive system and immune system are fucked as a result of longterm antibiotic use.  I could go on forever about the horrors of fungal overgrowth and candida.  Detox cleanses... long diets of no carbs in which i've lost a ton of weight (and I'm already skinny) ... all to go on antibiotics yet again and put my body through hell once more.

The closest I ever got to finding an infection, after BEGGING my general practicioner to send me for a sperm analysis / culture, is my the vague results showing up with these "abnormalities":

gelatinous apparance (rather than liquid),

low sperm motility,

pus cells,

commensal flora.  no specific bateria.  theres also a strong suspicion this is fungal / yeast based, but i hear its impossible culturing these bacteria.

Are there any treatments, both experimental and otherwise, for vesculitis?  I haven't been diagnosed with this condition proper, but i've had a few urologists tell me that the sources of pmy pain are centered around the seminal vesicles.  

Nevermind even treatment.  I want conclusive results/diagnosis..  and i feel like I can't get it in Canada.  

The farthest I went to seeking out treatment...was going to see Dr toth in NYC.  He actually turned me down.  At this time it was shortly after antibiotic treatment and my semen was still watery looking, so he didn't see a problem, nor visible scarring.  But its been 3 months since the visit, and my semen's been getting thicker and thicker, to the point of white mucusy clumps, and it hurts each time up to 6 hours after ejaculation.  

I've given up on seuxal activity in geneeral, which is extremely depressing for someone who isn't even 30 yet.  The reinfection happend this year, and its been the worst year of my life by far.

I can't keep going on like this.  I feel as tho there is NO cure at all.  I need help and guidance.

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