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Since we have the manila protocol Dr here on this forum I think we should ask this question. Does prostate drainage offer symptom relief? I have read hundreds of story's saying no, Many from x manila patients. Yet there are a few out there who were helped or cured from massage. I wonder if the cured were the small percent of suffers with true bacterial prostatitis. Or does massaging actually help release the tense pelvic floor muscles when done, offering some relief? My doc tried the protocol with little results. And has stopped doing it for his patients. some say the anti inflammatory effects from antibiotics, combined with massage may also play a role in some patients getting short term relief..

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Also, for some reason, this topic is not showing up as a forum topic in the Forum section. Mike, do you know why?
Also, just to point out, even though Dr. Shoskes wrote that email to the Dr. AEF's dad about his failed experience with prostatitc massage, it appears that Dr. Shoskes practices it today, and still has success with it (according to the success rates posted on his website).
Dell. I think when i started the drainage topic i labeled it under the wrong place. So it only comes up under types of prostatitis in another section, I am still learning how to use this board, and i don't know how to move the topic so it shows up. Ill work on it though.
Hey can we change the format of this forum to be like the other one..It would be easier for people to navigate??

Dear soso, I read about Dr Songs "3D treatment" in China.  Just wondered if that was the Dr who treated you there.  Thanks.


Complete bollocks.

I ve done more than 300 prostate massages and combinations of at least 4 abx at the same time, no improvement.

At one point i was on vancomycin/daptomycin and massages to only find out that two weeks after i stopped the staph infection in my prostate got 20 times more resistant to the aforementioned drugs.

Before those last line "lethal" antibiotics i used 4 simultaneously for many months, prulifloxacin, moxifloxacin, vibramycin and clindamycin, totalling 8 pills per day, mass amounts of powerful herbs to lift prostate blood flow, i thought at days that with all this amount of prostatic fluid comming out my prostate must be shrinked to the size of an olive. Instead just a few days after stopping treatments all pains and fluid would build up.

Doctors like the feliciano family exist all over, there is one in italy, in spain, in greece, many in china. They all promise the same thing 95% improvement/success rate and improvement will show just after fininshing the treatments... Guess why? Most patients come from abroad to them and they cannot go back to sue them or beat them up for all the time and money spent at their clinics.

Moreover one of the biggest issues in chronic prostatitis is the fact that abx makes prostatitis worse, and this is more or less a finding in almost all patients as time goes by. If you don't manage to get rid of an infection first time accounted, the resistant strains that come out of this will never be killed. Those doctors do terrible harm to uneducated patients. Abx should be used only in extreme cases, it is so multifactorial to treat this disease that urologists on their own won't ever manage to, they don't take in account patients immune status, hormonal findings, nutritional state, nothing. They just make money from selling abx and performing massages.



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