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A slightly different line of thought

This may be a slightly strange post so please beat with me.

My case prostatitis is certainly infectious. But whether it is bacterial or not I wonder if the below has any merit?

When I pass stool I do get some prostatic discharge. This of course made me think, here is a natural process that is automatically flushing out the prostate. While sitting there I realised though - sitting on a toilet isn't exactly natural. The toilet after all is a technological innovation. So I tried two things.

the natural posture of dedication is squatting. From my mums medicals notes who works in endoscopy (primarily colon) this engages your pelvic muscles in an entirely different way to sitting on the toilet).

I first passed stool with my heels on te toilet. Well, the volume of prostate discharge was significantly increased. Then I tried actually squatting, same result again.

This made me wonder - is it possible that squatting and the flushing of prostate is a normal and required bodily process? Could the innovation of the toilet mean many men are not flushing their prostate to a sufficient degree?

I hae read that prostate issues are less in eastern countries and it seemed the main argument was diet but I wonder if their squatting toilets may also provide some of the answer?

Now, this may be a bit far fetched but it would seem from my personal experience a change in posture engaging your pelvic muscles differently does produce significant results.

If you have any thoughts on this please share - would be nice to discuss.

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