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just trying to find people with similar symptoms as myself. Want to find out what helps others, and let others know what has helped me.

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Comment by Shehan Pingamage on November 13, 2009 at 3:02pm
Hi David, I dont know whether i would say i have non-bacterial prostatitis, but according to the definition (since they cant culture any bacteria), I guess i would be considered to have non-bacterial prostatitis. Though initially they found Staph-Aureus in my semen, and i still feel that something is still infecting my prostrate but they cant find it (at least thats what i think).

I have mostly been on herbal meds for the past 3 1/2 years, and recently have added in Lyrica cause i have a lot of nerve pains, when sitting and in my legs. I started out with a lot of urological symptoms (urgency/frequency burning when passing etc), but now i only have neurological symptoms (pain in sitting, hypersensitive legs, pain in my soles of the feet, and ofcourse very low preasure ejacutlation).

The urological symptoms got under control with taking herbal meds and antibiotics through the years. In fact I am still treating with a chinease herbal medicine practitioner in the states. She specializes in treating people with IC. She has helped me a lot, and ofcourse the Lyrica has helped me with the neve pain.

How about you? When did this all start and what kind of symptoms do you have?

All the best to you! Shehan.
Comment by David Feeley on November 13, 2009 at 3:41pm
About a 18months ago I had frequent urination with burning, that was treated with antibiotics, everything was fine till about 2 months ago, started with frequent urination, started having lots of pain in my pelvic area when laying down, (would feel like my bladder was going to pop) when I stand up the pain goes away, i was taking tramadol for the pain but that seemed to give me more urinary problems, like very difficult to start my stream, I have been doing much better with the pain at night, have not taken a pain killer in about 10 days, I have been taking xanax for anxiety and an alpha blccker, I had a couple of valium from my sister in law, and those seemed to help alot with muscle tension in my pelvic area, (gunna ask doc for a prescricption) I have had improvement in the last 2 weeks, Went to urologist yesterday, My psa is elevated its at 2 says should be under 1, they have not found any bacteria, although getting someone to check prostate fluid has been impossible, my sperm is kinda yellow, not sure if its form all the meds, ( taking one that makes my urine dark orange) so im not sure if my sperm is yellow from white blood cells or from meds, or if its normal and im just freaking out. I also have a feeling like im sitting on my cell phone. does not hurt but does not feel normal either. Urologist put me on another 30 day cycle of cypro, I really hope it works.... What are hypersensitive legs? Well thats pretty much what im dealing with right now, Thanks for replying Dave
Comment by Shehan Pingamage on November 14, 2009 at 12:57am
Hypersensitive legs means, very very sensitive feeling down the legs. In my case its so sensitive that even the trouser material touching the skin makes my legs feel very irritated. I have been told that its because of the sensitization of my nervous system due to the long term nature of the condition.

Just curious, do you know the specific antibiotic that cured you the first time round. Was it Cipro? Cause i think sometimes knowing which antibiotic to take may also help. In my case also i had 2 previous attacks which got solved by taking the same antibiotic (Doxicicline). Then this time round it did not work (i am guessing what ever the bacteria got resistent to it). So due to this i took herbal meds, though inbetween i have tried Augmentine without any help, and Minocycline, which again helped me a lot. Since Doxy and Mino (tertraciclines) are the only antibiotics that worked for me i am guessing mine is an infection like Myco/Ureaplasma or Clamydia. I think its really important to know what infection we are dealing with, and you are so right about getting them to check the EPS is next to impossible.

With Valium you may want to be careful, cause i think you could get addicted to it, if you take it too regularly, but i guess your doc will know exectly how much to give etc. My semen is also has an yellowish tinge (specially if i dont ejaculate for a while). In my case i am pretty sure its the inflamation.

I hope very much that the Cipro will work for you! If not you may want to try the herbal route. If you needed to go that way let me know anytime, and i could at least let you know the options i tried with success to some extent (i.e. including the doc i am with now).

But i really hope that what you are trying now works. All the Best! Shehan.
Comment by David Feeley on November 14, 2009 at 11:25am
any idea what started all of this for you?
Comment by Shehan Pingamage on November 14, 2009 at 12:57pm
well in my case i think it started as an infection from my wife, but that also not totally certain, since they could not culture anything from her. It is possible that it came to me from a former G-friend but stayed dormant for a while, but god knows. How about you?
Comment by David Feeley on November 18, 2009 at 12:48pm
Not really sure, I kinda think its been something thats been building up since a kit, I had a very bad bladder infection, they put a tube down my unit, I remember them having problems doing this, From my teens through my 20s it always seemed like I would pee more than others. But not really sure, neither are the docs. As of late my urinary symptoms are much much better, I still have this feeling like im sitting on my cell phone, does not hurt but does not feel normal, I do have pain in my but cheeks though, feels like ive been working out but i have not, and pain on my left side of pelvic, any suggestions for that?
Comment by Travis Thompson on January 26, 2013 at 11:49am

I would highly recomend the book "A Headache in the Pelvis"  as it has helped in the control of many of my symptoms.  There are several widely different schools of thought.  After five years of research I would consider myself well versed in Prostatitis, which is really just a blanket term for many uroligical symptoms.  It is sad how little doctors know about the disease.  The pain from Urinary dysfunction more often than not leads to anxiety, and that coupled with the negligence from the medical community creates an environment of fear.  Fear and anxiety cause us to tense our pelvic floor, often exzacerbating our symtoms.  Dr. Wise suggests that 95% of Prostatitis and Pelvic pain/discomfort sufferers can be cured through lifestyle change, massage, and Paradoxal Relaxation.  I often want to rip out my prostate, and after 15 different Urologists, and 15 diagnosis of Prostatitis, I have little evidence there is anything wrong with my Prostate Gland.  Limit stress and bladder irratants, such as caffiene and alcohol and read his book. 


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