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Movember - we should raise awareness for prostate disorders

So.  I was wondering if there could be a way for people to notice our collective ailments. Prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, the general idea of there being muscular causes of pain, and the often-ridiculously-understudied -and-ignored transferring of sexually transmitted bacteria that causes permanent or really debilitating issues for most men

These are all ignored by the medical community. We aren't getting any help. We're told that its all in our heads, that we should seek help and medication for anxiety, we are denied answers and thorough investigations, we're denied the truth. We're never told or reassured that there is a solution to our problem. Just told to learn to 'live with it'.

I think a good start is jumping on the "Movember" bandwagon this year. Each year they raise awareness for prostate cancer, and just recently this year(or last year) they also added testicular cancer. I think we could try taking it a step further and try raising awareness for prostatitis and various mens' sexual disorders.

There is also proof in the fact that various prostate infections and ailments, INFLAMMATION specifically, is often a precursor to cancer. Many doctors dont even know this at all.

I think its an area in the medical community that is still in the stone age as far as figuring out the cause and treatment as well as management of our various ailments. We should take a stand and try to get people to notice.

For Canadians, theres

For americans,

Global movement

So what I'm going to do is simply share my story inthe "contact us" section. I may post some vague details about it in our bio. (or maybe copy this one to give a broad idea of what we are going through collectively).

We should all really get on this. Spread the word as much as you can to your friends and families.

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