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I am at the point where very little is enjoyable. I can hardly enjoy a video game or movie at this point. At times, the urethral burning gets to me but I find If I drink enough water, it's not as bad. However, my testicular symptoms are starting to annoy me and have me sleeping for a majority of the day. This makes me question what I really have. I'm refraining from sexual and physical activity until I figure the next step as no relief is provided anymore. No doctor has really said anything felt weird about prostate. Everyone says it feels like you're average young adult prostate. My testicles on the other hand have been atrophied with redness and heaviness with a sore spot on the right one. I'm thinking Varicocele and Epididymitis are suspects. If my doctors can prove either or is the case. I'm prepared for radical surgery. I'd rather store my sperm, cut the epididymis and right testicle than carry on. I know several people who have lost a testicle and have the same sex life, however, I'm unaware of the effects from removing an epididymis. Everyone has said prostatitis but I have no golf ball feeling really. Just a really sore nut and delicate urethra.

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