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Got called up for the army physical in 1967 and amazingly flunked the exam due to puss in my urine, which I never knew I had. No pain, no discomfort just puss. It saved me  from the horrible war in Vietnam. That was the first sign of things to come.  Fast forward six years, after some experimenting with cocaine and grass, terrible itching in the groin which no one could figure out. It was only years later I attributed it to my intolerance to grass and other party drugs to which I was never addicted in the least.

Fast forward to the 1980s, sharp prostate pain begins alongside numerous visits to the urologist who’s prescribing antibiotics but hasn’t a clue otherwise. Numerous visits to alternative therapists: reflexologists, Reiki masters, acupuncturists, you name it , only provide a slight temporary relief. Wake up call: I visit a foot acupressure guy in Bklyn who tells me I’m on a collision course toward cancer if I don’t take care of the prostate problem.

Immediately I stop all antibiotics, avoid smoking grass like the plague or any other party drugs, completely cut off coffee, decaf, tea and chocolate (besides my prostate,  my right seminal visicle gets devastatingly inflamed by any of these), plunge into a serious course of yoga, begin eating plenty of whole grains, nuts, salads, brown rice etc. Thus began one of the most exciting and pain free period of my life which continues to this day when in a few months I’ll turn 70, am drug free both over and under the counter, and can do hand stands, play tennis, ride a bike and rejoice in the fact that I can still enjoy a normal sex life with my companion.

I’m fiercely convinced that doctors know nothing about diet. Even prostate sufferers who are at their wits end to find relief will continue to deny the fact that their diet is causing them the grief they so desire to eliminate. I know, I’ve been through it.

Naturally, there are many more healing tricks I know of to solving the prostate mystery, but are too numerous to list here. However, I would love to hear from  people like myself, who've been able to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps.



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Comment by Frank Ames on November 4, 2012 at 11:02am

Dear Blake. 

Excellent questions!

Right now and because of my good diet, I experience only a hesitant urine flow but not all the time. I notice that if I've consumed too much suger it exacerbates the situation. A rare  lapse into caffeine inflames the seminal vesicle (SV) which I feel when I put on my pants or bend over to pick something up. It's a stabbing pain which radiates like a shock wave causing me almost to  collapse. As a yogi, I'm extremely sensitive to what goes on in my body. Forward bends pulls right into that prostate area of nerve endings, as well as the SV.  However no amount of stretching or yoga can replace a strict diet. If perchance I have a lapse I've found that massive doses of Himplasia (A Himalayan product) for three or four days combined with beta-sitosterole, hot sits baths and stretching helps to return my SV and prostate back to normal. But it's a struggle that I would loathe to repeat. My many years traveling in India have brought me closer to Ayurvedic medicines, many of which have been time tested over thousands of years.

Blake, you’re talking to a guy who has been over the years to many urologists. I know my symptoms well. It used to be only prostatitus but as I entered the sexagenarian stage of my life, the BPH kicked in. Not at 70 (in 2 days) if the sh.t hits the fan (no pun intended) I could conceivably and have suffered from all three: BPH, SV and Prostatitus. Which brings me to another scatological thought. I notice that if my stool builds up in the colon it presses on my urethra causing the urge to urinate. Once I’ve eliminated the urge to urinate seems disappears. Unless you have not completely eliminated caffeine and sugar from your diet, seriously,  I doubt strongly you’ll find relief.

Interstitial cystitis? I have no symptoms that relate to it. My prostate is soft to the touch and flexible and healthy despite the fact that it swells from time to time. My sex life is good though I admit I do indulge in a tiny amount of Viagra from time to time. Over the many years my prostate has been, how shall we say, battered (abused?) the sex urge has diminished to a degree. This is not to say that I cannot enjoy sex without sildenafil; I can. My ejaculations are quite normal if not ecstatic however the amount of semen amounts to no more than a few drops, tablespoon if you will.

Getting to the “tricks”. One I found back about ten or fifteen years ago, is a recipe for making ones own suppositories. Warming up cocoa butter in a pot with stirred in fresh herb powders of  saw palmetto, pygeum africanum and one other the name of which I don’t recall, I would pour the concoction into aluminum paper molds, which I formed using the end of a rounded felt tip pen. I would make maybe two dozen of them the ends of which I stuck into a home crafted board I had drilled with holes. After having filled all of them, I carefully slid the boards into the frig. Once the liquid is congealed the suppositories can all be put into a jar for ready use.

When I’m in pain I attack its source with everything I can, diet, stretching, sits baths, herbals, suppositories and related over the counter supplements.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

Comment by Frank Ames on November 13, 2012 at 2:54pm

can't tell you exactly but they alleviated the pain. Once again, if a sufferer doesn't eliminate from his diet the things that might be affecting him, anything he does to alleviate pain and cure himself will all be for naught. 


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