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At 6:37pm on January 31, 2012, Paul glennon said…
They have told me that it will not cure me and may only reduce my pain by 30% but anything is better than what I am going through now even on morphine. I am going to ask about prostate removal even though they have said I am to young, but I have a very understanding wife who just wants me without pain.
At 6:41am on January 29, 2013, John Clarke said…
I am having a prostate massage with cycstoscopy in two weeks if no relief then I will go ahead with prostate removal . Any suggestions that might help would be appreciated .
At 8:54am on January 29, 2013, John Clarke said…
Thanks Dennis how r u now are you improving?I have two daughters and in my sixties .Who did your operation ?I contacted Dr Krongrad in Miami and he offered the operation to however too far to travel for me from UK .A Dr Eden I have seen and he had done 23 removal for prostatitis with 22 glad they had it done.All surgery has risks but if massage does not improve I will have to take the risk .Are you glad u had the surgery? How many has Krongrad done ?Keep in touch.

Best wishes
John Clarke
At 9:17am on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…

I've had the worst results of anyone I know so far. Over a year and still not as good as b4 surgery. I am getting better but very slowly.100% continent but no natural erections yet. Got horrible side effects with Cialis and Viagra and they didn't work. Have had great results with Trimix but you have to inject yourself with it. You also have to experiment with the dosage but 5mcg seems to do the trick for me. I get usable erections for about 40 minutes. I also still leak urine on orgasm. But they say that goes away with time.

At 10:07am on January 29, 2013, John Clarke said…
Sorry to hear no improvement ,are u still getting pain or is it just problems with erections.I have pain in testicle and also sometimes problems with urination.i have had prostatitis for over 20 years however not bad until prostae operation to reduce in march 2012 but it really flaired up when two student doctors. Put uneccessry catheter in which caused major infection ,taken out after 4 days.Since then hell every symptom I have had or got it.You have got tell yourself u can beat it,I am sure u will get better just it takes longer with som what has Dr Krongrad said about it.If it is pain and not getting better have u thought about prudential nerve damage which can b blocked.
At 1:03pm on January 29, 2013, John Clarke said…
I think u r right the damage may have been done with that long journey home how long did u stay in Miami after surgery?anyway look forward not back
At 1:27pm on January 29, 2013, John Clarke said…
How do I get on touch with the people u mention especially the guy nik
In UK who did his op

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