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At 8:44am on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…

I wish I had given massage more of a try. But, I was like you. I was in so much pain I just wanted it out. Have had children yet? I think you should take care of that issue first bc you will be absolutely infertile once the prostate is out.

At 9:18am on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…

At 9:17am on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…   

I've had the worst results of anyone I know so far. Over a year and still not as good as b4 surgery. I am getting better but very slowly.100% continent but no natural erections yet. Got horrible side effects with Cialis and Viagra and they didn't work. Have had great results with Trimix but you have to inject yourself with it. You also have to experiment with the dosage but 5mcg seems to do the trick for me. I get usable erections for about 40 minutes. I also still leak urine on orgasm. But they say that goes away with time.

At 12:16pm on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…

It's just taking a long time. The pain isn't nearly as intense as but it does interfere with my life. I had complications, though. About 3-1/2 weeks in I had bad bleeding and was on a 3-way catheter for 2 days. When I got home the pain was way worse than right after surgery. I often wonder how my recovery would have been if not for that. My discomfort is mainly scrotal with some congestion and pain. I no longer have the through the roof pain and have cut back on painkillers. It all started in April of 2011 with epidydimitis in my left testicle. By the time the abscess had settled down I had full blown CP. I had this before back in the mid-90's where it has lasted 3 years. When I heard of Dr K I started making arrangements to see him. Another killer was the flight back home. Had to change planes twice and it took 11 hours. Wish I'd stayed in Florida at least another week before leaving.

At 1:16pm on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…

Yeah, that's my only option. Thanks, John. Btw, have you talked to Nick Muff or Bob Patterson?

There's also that Nik guy who is also in the UK.

At 2:55pm on January 29, 2013, Dennis Taylor said…

You should be able to find them on the "Members" tab above.

At 3:22pm on March 27, 2013, Lifebouy said…

Hi John

I have followed your thread and see you have been in touch with Chris Eden about a radical. I am seeing him tomorrow with the procedure in mind as i have reached the end of my tether.  

22 out of 23 being pleased they did it is a good result i guess you got that first hand from him. I only found information on him having done 10 up to Feb 2010 so it was very good to find your more up to date info which suggests he's still operating for Prostatitis

I am seeing him privately and have no illusion this would have to be private. Was he quite receptive to offering the procedure or quite cautious and encouraged you to try other things.

My situation is I have had it for 14 years initially i had a 8 months bad period .Thereafter I was left with a mild sensation rather than pain in the groin The only major issue being Premature ejaculation Everything changed on Nov 28th 2012 and I have been in constant chronic pain every since. Compared to many that have put up with it for years 4 months isn't long but the symptoms are such that I am in genuine fear when I wake up in the morning of the pain and it is having a massive affect on the quality of my day to day life. 

To be honest I am xxxx scared of making this decision for all the obvious reasons 

I cant accept the prospect of  living like this!, bringingme too the conclusion the Benefits outweigh the Risks

How about you are you any closer to getting it done?


At 11:27am on March 29, 2013, Lifebouy said…

I saw him yesterday and I had pretty much made up my mind as long as he would do it.

As many of us guys have done he could see I had done my homework and weighed up the risks. 

I was expecting him to promote more caution and was surprised how optimistically he spoke about it and it is reassuring to him talk of 24 out of 25 found resolution. My wife wasn't convinced before hand but was once we had seen him. I found his Nurse supportive of the successful outcomes

We booked it on the spot and he happened to have a space on the 4th April I wasn't expecting it that quick but am glad I don't have too long to threat about it. I guess you mean on the 10th your actually going in for procedure and not just a consultation

As you will know its 3 days in so unfortunately we wont cross over but email me privately and we can exchange telephone numbers etc. and perhaps talk in some more detail.

It is scary when so many advise against it but it takes individuals like Chris and Arnon to push the boundaries. Some how things have to change because 'Go home and learn to live with it' is such a gross underestimate of how bad this condition is.

Quite by coincidence my 70 year old step father had Chris do it 4 years ago and he tells me everything is fine Its all a bit bizarre talking to him in relation to his sex life with my Mum. This is where we find ourselves.

Good luck mate please keep in touch


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