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At 4:53pm on February 24, 2011, David Feeley said…
hay Arnon,,, not sure if you remember me, I had pretty severe symptoms about a year and a half ago, went and saw you a couple of times, just giving an update.. I myself believe in my case it was a stress disorter and or muscle-pelvic floor disfunction related, I know every case seems different and Im sure lots of people have infections in the prostate (why else would having it removed, remove major symptoms) Anyway just wanted to say if people are having issues and desperate ( I know how it feels, cant seem to get any answers, oooo god it can be so horrific.) to try going to physical therapy , pelvic floor physical therapy... I developed severe anxiety from the situation, now sure what started first, pain, anxiety, more pain more anxiety, cant get any answers, antibiotics after andibiotics, pain anxiety etc. etc..........SO what helped me was physical therapy, cymbalta which helps with the anxiety and also nerve pain, ( lyrica has helped with nerve pain also) and valium which helps as a muscle relaxer, the combination helped me soooo much. At this point i am proud to say im not taking anything... What else helped was this website, talking to you cause you care about this where all other uros. seemed bothered ( I did learn that I had a big varicos vein, vericosecele, how ever you spell that,) i did have the operation to take care of that, not sure if that helped, i seem to think it had nothing to do with any of my symptoms.) And talking to other people on this site helped a great deal also. So if you want to tell any of the members to contact me, I have reached out to others as well, Im more than happy to tell my side of this story. Would love to help anyone I can. Thanks again, David Feeley
At 9:10am on March 16, 2011, Marcelo Gomes said…
Yes. I was diagnosed with prostatitis 11 months ago. My worst symptoms are very severe burning and discomfort in the urethra. Saw Palmetto has helped me a lot.
At 5:03am on March 21, 2011, Ty R said…

Hello Dr Krongrad,


Thank u for the personal welcome...I was a member of the old prostatitis board that shut down and had been viewing your site as an observer...appreciate the time u take to interact in the discussions on here...very rare to find from most doctors.  I will add more to my profile later, but yes I have been suffering from chronic prostatitis for over 7 years now!

At 7:09pm on April 6, 2011, Patty Stillman said…
My husband was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis last year after having suffered tremendously from the symptoms since about Nov/Dec 2009. We know so little and it seems like his doctors know even less than that. We also have no insurance and not a whole lot of money to continue to pay for the very expensive uro appointments. The last appointment consisted of the doc throwing his hands, quite literally, in the air... Now they want him on pain management with a different doctor. A neurologist. There are other, new symptoms that just popped up but I'm not sure if they are even related. He is very stubborn, too, by the way. This is very difficult and I'm just trying to understand it better. I thought I should sign up here. I noticed a group for wives and partners... but I see there's not much activity there, now.
At 9:36am on April 7, 2011, Patty Stillman said…
Thank you Dr. Krongrad. I hope to connect with many of the patients who frequent your site. The success stories do offer a lot of hope. So far we haven't even tried getting in to see Doctors in the Tampa area. We are about 40 miles north of there. Lack of knowledge by the local medical community has us feeling pretty frustrated to say the least. We would love to find a magic cure, but at the very least, at this moment, my poor husband just needs some relief. He is completely and totally debilitated. Thanks for this website and for your support for men with this. Your personal greetings here mean a lot, too.
At 10:58pm on April 12, 2011, Shawn Stillman said…
Yes.  She is my Sister in law.  Paul is my brother.
At 11:56am on April 26, 2011, Tim Rodgers said…

No, I don't know my score.  I have been dealing with prostatitis for 6 Years now.  Every urol I see doesn't want to do anything about it but put me on antibiotics.  They don't help a bit.  I'm in bad pain with this every other day of my life and It's putting a strain on my marriage and family as well.

Any suggestions, I will defenately try anything.  I was trying Quercetin but didn't help.

At 10:45am on May 12, 2011, Lisa King said…

Hello Dr. Krongrad,

Thank you for your message.  I am writing out of sheer desperation and fear.  My husband (53 y.o.) has been having some strange symptoms for about 7 weeks.  His symptoms are:  Lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, pain in his penis, rectum, scrotum, testicles and the entire groin area, in general.  He reports that it hurts (the bones in his groin area just to sit down).  He also has some pain upon urination and ejaculation.  His doctor suspected Diverticulitis and put him on a course of antibiotics (Doxycycline and Metronidazole), which he just finished, after 10 days, to no avail.  His urologist did see some blood in his urine, which may be attributed to a kidney stone that they saw on u/s (has history of stones).  He reports, however, that this is unlike the intense pain he has had from stones.  The urologist did a bladder scan and said bladder is emptying fine.  She did a prostate exam, as well.  She said she was "stumped".  His GP ordered a ct scan this week, which showed only a "resolving Colitis".  He has not noticed any blood in his bowel movements, however, and from what I read, that is the most prevalent symptom.  We are both experiencing terrible anxiety and fear.  I am worried that he has advanced bladder cancer because I read that it can cause these symptoms.  I believe an abdominal ct scan (which is what he had) would not look at the bladder, correct?  When reading about the symptoms of Prostatis, I thought it would be worth learning more.  Any thoughts that you may have would be GREATLY appreciated.

At 10:48am on May 12, 2011, Lisa King said…
One more thought... he has reported even having pain in his upper thighs.
At 11:03am on May 12, 2011, Lisa King said…
Yes, as I said in my post, the urologist said she was "stumped". 
At 3:22pm on May 12, 2011, Lisa King said…
The ct scan he had this past week showed a "resolving Colitis".  He is seeing a Gastroenterologist this coming Wednesday.   I am not a doc (just play one in my house), but, symptoms do not sound related to Colitis to me.  What do you think?  I am not sure about the urine cytology.  His Urologist did examine under microscope (is that what she would have been doing?).  His GP told me today that the urinalysis was ok.  I do not believe he had a Cystoscopy.  Again, the GP told me this morning that bladder on ct was fine.  Maybe we should ask for cystoscopy?
At 3:46pm on May 12, 2011, Lisa King said…
Thank you, kindly.  It is so nice to know that there are still people out there as kind as you, taking the time to talk to a perfect stranger, and for no charge.  I actually went online the other day, to a website, and PAID to talk to a doctor to get an opinion.  After describing the symptoms, the first thing he said was Prostatitis.
At 3:48am on May 14, 2011, G8 GT said…
Thank you Dr. Krongrad.  Being a parent has been a real life-changer for me!
At 2:25pm on May 21, 2011, Pawel Pekala said…

Yes, I've mentioned possibility of reactive arthritis to the doctor who is in charge of my treatment. This is a general practitioner though. She does not seem too willing to refer me to specialist doctors yet as my blood tests, urine tests, MR of knees, lower part of spine and hip area were all normal. Chlamydia test was also negative after treatment. I have only slight pain in knees - mostly after trying to jump, run. So the doctor assumes that if it was or is reactive arthritis it is dying out and the prostatitis I have will also die out or is not part of the reactive arthritis. Probably I shall put more pressure on my doctor. I didn't question her decisions so far as reactive arthritis according to doctors goes away on its own in most cases. I'm going to have three weeks off in June and already booked consultations with a good rheumatologist and additionally urologist to discuss treatment options.

Dr. Krongrad, I have some questions

1. Is cystoscopy essential to check if there are some scars or obstructions in urethra or sth wrong with the bladder? Sometimes the urine stream is quite normal, sometimes it is weak and thin. The more stabbing in anus area and perineal area, the weaker and thinner the stream. Does it mean there is no obstructive factors anatomically and obstruction comes from swelling of prostata when it gets more inflamed?

2. Is transrectal ultrasonography more precise then the one through abdomen?

3. Have you had or heard of patients with reactive arthritis or some autoimmune diseases who benefited from methotrexate or other similar drugs used in autoimmune diseases?

Thank you and God bless you for the work you do

At 8:34pm on May 25, 2011, Jack Brown said…
Thank you for the e-mail.  I just saw a 2nd urologist who confirmed that I have chronic prostatitis.  He said that my prostate level was 2.1; gave me a digital rectal exam to make sure there were no other issues with the prostate.  I mentioned to him that my biggest concern is the burning after urination and ejaculation.  He did not have any suggestions as to what course of action, except to stop taking all medications, except ibuprofen (which I have been taking for a low back problem for several years).  Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.  Being a truck driver, the sitting is driving me insane.  I am going to take a different course of treatment; by taking natural products; anti-inflammatory formula, probiotic, quercitin, and prostate formula. the way, the urologist told me to do "stretches" but didn't show me what ones I should do.  I mentioned to him that I work for a large freight company and do a lot of physical work...what type of stretches did he recommend.....a
At 9:18am on June 2, 2011, Jason Benson said…

I have tried mostly antibotics some steroids and alfa blockers and a drug called avadart. I serioulsy have had so many test and most say I have chronic prostitis and I do think thats what I have. One think makes me think I may have something else. Sence day one two years ago my bowl movement have change and today my main complant is diggestion as my stomach always hurts and I dont go regular at all. I have seen a gi twice and they cant find anything. It seems to go hand in hand with my prostitis symtoms as in poor flow, sore sitting and grown , and when I ejaculate i am either very slow flow or nothing at all. I kinda have been jumping around from doctor to doctor trying to get results and I think I am about to try and pick a doctor regardless of results. Any suggestions I would be greatful and anyone with bowl problems I woulod love to hear. Seems like when my colonoskopy was clear they just dont want to looking in to anything else. Seems to me there could be other things going on that you may show in that test. thanks for your time

At 12:24pm on June 2, 2011, Jason Benson said…
Ya i was aware yet I want to get better. I was on all kinds of meds for the first 15 montuhs and sence have not been on anything other the alfa blockers and avadart which is hard to tell if they even work because of the wax and wains of my symptoms. It is actually flusterating as I havnt been able to find a doctor who would tell what form of prostitis I have and sence its been two year they say chronic. I would say I am not as bad as some I read ablout although my quilty of life went from a 10 to maybe a 2. I am in michigan and I wish there was someone here that  could even help me with pain managment and a plain to help get a little confort. Who know maybe a couple of years down the line I will be ready for surgery.
At 11:49am on June 10, 2011, j_sufferer said…

Hi Dr. Krongrad, thanks for replying,

what would you suggest in a case like mine? I am 37, married 3 years ago, no children and I would like to have at least 1. What would you suggest to try for someone like me? LRP doesn't sound to hard/risky for someone like me?


I've tried all conventional treatments, but nothing works. That's why I'm desperate, because really this desease makes your life like hell, you can't work well, you can't enjoy the normal things that life offers, it is a non-stop battle against pain and desperation.


I'm for trying injections as I've heard from my doctor that some times people get cured.


Thanks for the help.


Best Rgds,


At 3:04am on August 17, 2011, Andy said…

hi Aron

no i have not had a culture as yet, i see my urolagist on the 26.8,2011 should i ask to have this done? i have never had non specific urethritis or urethral discharge, as for trauma  i did have a double groin hernia repair about 15 years ago but nothing recent.

At 3:11pm on August 22, 2011, Chris Anderson said…

As you can see by my history Arnon Kronard I dont have many options left.


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