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At 10:50pm on October 29, 2009, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Hi David,

It's good to see you. Your post is a good start. With your permission, I would like to blast a notice to the membership for input. Let me know.

At 5:34am on November 4, 2009, Nik said…
It might be worth asking your Doc to try Lyrica (Pregablin) to help on the pain front. I am on 3 x 75mg a day and it has helped me a great deal. It is a neuropathic pain killer.
At 4:54am on November 5, 2009, Nik said…
I have had this mildly for about 5 years then badly for the last 2. My problem started after haemorrhoid surgery. I believe bacteria from my rectum got into my prostate. The only evidence I have of this is a heavily calcified prostate shown under trans-rectal ultrasound, and a urine infection showing ecoli bacteria 2 years ago just before my prostatitis got really bad. There is no bacteria found in my semen. I have found no dr willing to do prostate massage and tests. They all say I had so many antibiotics in the beginning that if they did not work, what's the point of knowing your bacteria if you can't kill it.

My symptoms are rectal pain (golf ball feeling), made worse by sitting. Constipation. Defecation can also make symptoms worse or better-very strange. Slightly yellow tint to semen caused by high white blood cell count. Increased pain for 2-3 days after intercourse. Pain in tail-bone area/lower back when lying down on my back.

When sleeping I have to lie on my side or front to get any comfort. Things that help are Lyrica, paracetamol, aspirin, 25g of ginger per day in juice & quercetin & bromelain capsules along with stool softeners.

I know what you mean about medicine cabinet LOL....!!!
At 3:26pm on November 5, 2009, Nik said…
I plan to have some injections soon to see if it would be an effective way of controlling it. If not then I am seriously considering the operation. My wife & I are undergoing IVF first to try for a baby.
At 6:05am on November 6, 2009, Nik said…
Thanks Dave, good luck to you too.
At 3:32am on November 19, 2009, Nik said…
Yes Dave it really sucks, you kinda learn to cope with it to a certain degree. I have had the feeling of having golf ball (you call it cell phone) in the rectum for 2 years now. My wife and I have just failed our second IFV attempt. We plan to try a total of 5 attempts before giving up. Only then can I consider prostate removal, but first I plan to visit Dr Bahn in California to see if I respond well to the injections. A few have had good results and are able to maintain a large reduction in symptoms through repeat visits every 6 months.
At 3:40am on November 19, 2009, Nik said…
I can only suggest pain control (maybe lyrica) and anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin ibruprofen etc). At this early stage of your problem I would seriously consider seeing Dr Bahn for direct injection. If your problem is infection based you may respond well.
At 12:57pm on February 20, 2010, Christopher Eden said…
Not sure. As you say, in 2008 this was a buzzing forum but not so now. Possibly because there is not a lot that is new. Having said that, this is a condition which is still badly managed in many instances. Often because patients with prostatitis are treated empirically and left to the junior staff to see with little/no continuity.
At 10:03am on February 21, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
I think you're right, Chris. Not much is new, excepting the paper I posted on
prostatitis and prostate cancer risk. So this forum's principal value is to help men who have newly found it to communicate with others in the same position. If and when some of the other doctors involved in prostatitis treatment become more open, they may direct some of their patients also to join this forum. It will be nice to have patients here who are undergoing massage, injections, suppository, and other treatments. This will get all of us beyond private one-on-one emails, which really deprive us of the chance to ask questions and learn.
At 3:12pm on February 25, 2010, Christopher Eden said…
7/10 had cancer.
At 10:30am on February 25, 2011, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Well, that's what it's all about: Sharing knowledge. I'm delighted to hear that you got relief.

THanks for posting your info. Hopefully somebody will benefit from it.

Stay in touch.

At 10:40am on December 22, 2012, David Feeley said…
I am feeling better, no signs at all, It was stress for me,, still hard to understand but thats what it was,, you can contact me and ill tell my whole story
At 9:40am on February 28, 2013, John Clarke said…
I was interested to read your comment about it all being stress .I would like to hear your story before I go ahead with surgery .

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