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Prostatic Calculi and Antibiotic Effectiveness

Many patients with prostatitis have prostatic calculi, as seen on transrectal ultrasound. Their relevance to clinical symptoms is not known…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

0 Aug 1, 2012

Sweating between legs and in pelvis region

I was wandering if anyone has experienced uncontrollable sweating between legs an pelvis region asscoiated with prostitits?

Started by david b

1 Jul 28, 2012
Reply by Blake

Prostatitis, scrotal pain and LRP

Is there anyone who has had an LRP and had scrotal pain as a symptom of their CP? I've heard that this takes longer to get rid of than the…

Started by Dennis Taylor

20 Jun 2, 2012
Reply by Hunter G

Prostatitis or BPH?

Hi, I have been going through all this for a year now and am hoping someone can give some insight or advice.  Here goes. I'm caucasian, 49y…

Started by Dave B

4 Jun 1, 2012
Reply by Dave B

Pain During Rectal Examination

A patient who believes he has prostatitis wrote in this morning that he had terrible pain during a rectal examination. What are the possibl…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

1 May 23, 2012
Reply by Blake

Holding in Urination

Good Evening Everyone, Has anyone noticed that holding back from urination for too long can cause a flare?  I noticed the past two nights I…

Started by G8 GT

1 May 23, 2012
Reply by Blake

"I'm Asking You to Believe Me"

A post from a woman with Irritable Bowel Syndrome touches on an issue often identified by men with chronic prostatitis: Her doctors do not…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

1 May 17, 2012
Reply by Blake

Urinary Frequency...

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if pain is always the primary symptom of CP? I do have pain around my lower back - but my major symptom…

Started by Rob Patrick

2 May 2, 2012
Reply by caven

Prostatitis, weight loss, hospitalization

South Alabama football coach has recently spoken publicly about his experience with prostatitis, which involved a 32-pound weight loss and…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

7 Apr 18, 2012
Reply by mauricio chenlo

Prostate Cancer and Prostatitis

My last PSA went from 2.6 to 4.0 this gave my Urologist a reason to do a Biopsy which came back that I have Cancer in 2 cores out of 12 sam…

Started by Phil Klezmer

6 Jan 9, 2012
Reply by Phil Klezmer



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