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Heart Problems Associated With Prostatitis

I've been relatively silent over the past 6 months. I've been officially treating my Chronic bacterial prostatitis with Acupuncture and Chi…

Started by John Waller

3 Jun 22, 2015
Reply by Sam West

Swollen neck nodes

I'm seem to have swollen neck nodes started in groin and then neck some times under arm all started with prostatitis and pain in bottom of…

Started by Daniel Williams

0 May 10, 2014

Prostatitis and otitis. My experience and solution

Dear all,I am Emanuele, from Italy, and I will tell my story hoping that someone can benefit from my experience and the solutions I have fo…

Started by Emanuele Silvestri

0 Dec 22, 2013

Bottom of feet, and other neurological pain

There was a guy posting about feet pain, you are not alone!! I am 23 and I also started having that 2 years into my prostatitis! A couple t…

Started by Adam .

0 Dec 1, 2013

Strange Symptoms

A chronic prostatitis patient recently informed me that he had right groin, chest, and armpit pain when his prostatitis flared up. After ha…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

22 Nov 21, 2013
Reply by Blake

Hot flashes facial flushing.

Hey guys ever since I developed prostatis ive been having hot flashes, heavy sweating an facial flushing these symptoms seem to wax an wane…

Started by david b

16 Aug 24, 2013
Reply by Blake

Burning after Urination

Hi does prostatitis cause a burning feeling after urination and the groin to swell? I have these symptoms too.

Started by Glenn

17 Aug 12, 2013
Reply by David

Thrush or balantitis an prostatitis

Was wandering if anyone else has delt wit thrush or balantitis with thier prostatitis?

Started by david b

1 Aug 11, 2013
Reply by David

vesiculitis concerns

im new to the forum and arent sure if im doing this right but. The semen itself is abnormally sticky/mucusy, and is often very thick and i…

Started by Malu

0 Jun 9, 2013

Anxiety from prostatitis

Does anyone experience anxiety from prostatitis. Does the anxiety make symptoms worse?

Started by david b

2 May 6, 2013
Reply by Eric Hudson



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