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Most patients are diagnosed with prostatitis are based on symptoms
Hardly any are examined using prostate specific examination.
Therefore most likely the diagnosis will be incorrect
it will follow that the treatment will also be incorrect

If this is so
Then it is not fair to say that we have no cure for the wrong diagnosis

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Dr Feliciano,

I agree with your post 100%. The problem with chronic prostatitis is that if falls between two stools: urology and sexually transmitted diseases. And therein lies the problem.

99.9% of urologists think they're above treating patients with STDs. They think they're skills are far more deserving than having to treat such unpleasant social illnesses. There is a stigman to STDs which they don't like and refuse to deal with; so they avoid patients with chronic prostatitis like the plague. But if the patient "won't go away", and the urologist is forced to treat him, he more than likely will refuse to massage the patient's prostate--citing the usual lame excuse that "even healthy prostates have bacteria inside them."

In simple terms, they don't like to stick their fingers up patients' rectums. They find the practice demeaning, and beneath their doctoring skills. Patients don't like it either--and who can blame them? So we have the situation where this most important of all diagnostic protocols is avoided at the earliest opportunity, rendering a correct diagnosis almost impossible---and THAT'S why we now have so many different versions of chronic prostatitis in medicine today: because of urologists incompetence/inability to correctly diagnose.
chris you are so right there!!
You can also get bacteria in the prostate by Pools, Spas, Ponds, lakes, etc there’s lots of ways of getting bacteria in the prostate.
That's true; but we're talking about diagnosis here, not cause. I've also heard a burst tooth abscess can cause c.p.

In my long experience of the illness, most men catch it through unsafe sexual practices--and I include myself in that group.

For patients who are in the early stages of prostatitis, I think an early massage of the prostate with sensitivity tests on the EPS in order to decide which is the correct antibiotic to administer, would cure 85-90% of ALL cases of prostatitis. Sadly, nearly all the urologists I have met down the years refuse to carry out this simplest of medical procedures.

Western urologists should hang their heads in shame.
Chris--Have you found any in the US who ARE willing to do this? If so, please tell.
I think Chris is from the uk dell

Dr smoleve in baltimore will do it for you. Dr shokes in philli will too. You just have to ask them. I am sure polacheck in arizona will too. I have been to smoleve he is a good guy very interested in this illness

Didn't dr toth do this for ya? He did eps massage and testing on me
shoskes is in ohio . he wouldnt do it for bob , mike d and myself . he spent 5 minutes with me and about 3 minutes with bob and mike d and sent us away . it was very sad. i kept asking him about what his website stated and thats why all 3 of us came . he acted like he didnt even know what was on his own website . big waste of time and money for all 3 of us who went 3 days before christmas in 2006 we all were treated very bad.
Chris Quote -- I think an early massage of the prostate with sensitivity tests on the EPS in order to decide which is the correct antibiotic to administer, would cure 85-90% of ALL cases of prostatitis.

We will never know..I went to polacheck with in 2 months of hearing I have prostatits and did prostate massage for 7 months and 2 months after that I went to song. so I was very early in getting treatment and I had all sensitivity tests. so eather I am the 10 to 15% or this is not so(unless your talking about day's of hearing you have prostatitis) but I think your right about the sooner the better with ab's and massage..but when you go chronic I think your chances with ab's and Pmassage are next to none for a cure.

It sounds as though you did everything right and you still got a rotten outcome.

Two possibilities:

1) You may have gone to the wrong doctor. A friend of mine went to Polachek and his condition became much worse. There is a skill to massaging the prostate which very few doctors have mastered, that's why they avoid the procedure.

2) You may have had prostatitis longer than you think. It may have been festering inside you before you showed symptoms, and may already have become chronic.
Hey Chris I think your right I ended up falling and doing the splits and was in pain for about 40 min after the fall, and the next day bamm..prostatitis and then when I think back before the fall I would dibble after urinating I did this for a couple of years just didn't think anything of it because there was no pain and the dribble was not much. And now I have no dribble so maybe your right. Just prostate pain. The fall prolly broke everthing lose.

It's not easy to get the right diagnosis. I wouldn't say that diagnosis on the basis of certain marked symptoms is purely wrong but other tests shoiuld be conducted before starting treatment. This reminds me of how many think that Super Beta Prostate is a scam but if you really look into it, it's quite a reliable supplement.

I have suffered for close to five years and recently have discovered, even after nine urologists said prostatitis, with no evidence, that I may have IC!  I have been treating the IC over the past few weeks, and have seen remarkable improvement.  I am not solely convinced, but have spent more than 30 thousand dollars trying to treat a disease I may not have had.

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