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hi i am very new to prostatitis my problem is i can not take oral anti biotics for this condition been on Cipro Ofloxcin Doxycycline reacted to them all so very worried if i have a flare up am i the only person with such a problem with anti biotics any help thanks 

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I am not sure but you can try to ask for IV AB treatment to your physician, at least it won't disturb your digestive system.

I have had a bad flare up recently (very bad), I was in excrutiating pain, so I rush to the emergencyl (it was on saturday night and in a foreign country)...they gave me only IV treatement (antibiotics+painkiller), there was no side effect at all and this calm down my symptoms very quickly.

did you have to take oral anti biotics after the iv treatment 

this particular time, I had to do one IV treatment per day during 3 days...after they gave me oral antibiotic but i am not sure it is useful.

....another time my urologist has detected e-coli in my urine after prostate massage which was sensitive only to IV drug (ceftriaxone), I got treated with IV only.

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