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Could post LRP-incontinence resolve quicker in prostatitis sufferers than cancer sufferers?

These are my thoughts:

Prostatitis sufferers contract there pelvic muscles in response to pain, sometimes for years on end. This is the same contraction to a slightly lesser degree than used in kegel exercises. Kegel excercises have been proven to speed up return to continence after surgery.
David Radford was fully continent straight away and he was not particularly young. We will see if a pattern emerges here-I have a feeling it will.
It would be great if the trial could show us the recovery status of the men involved aside from pain relief, as it may be different with continence than men who had cancer with no symptoms.

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It does make sence that a man with prostatitis will have a faster recovery then a man with a deadly illness like cancer. Also the nerves can be avoided completly. Interesting theory regarding the pelvic floor contractions with prostatitis patients. Makes sence to me. This is why we need this data reported with the study..

I agree with your post here nick. I think not only should the symptom relief from the surgery be reported, but also any side effects from the surgery, if any. I am sure that in the hands of eden or krongrad side effects will be rare. It is very important men get side effect rates along with cure rates.

A sever prostatitis sufferer is no better off then a impotent incontinent man without prostatitis. Replacing one problem with another is not the cure we need in my view. we need all the data to make a informed desicion here
I'm almost certain that it is required by the FDA to report adverse reactions in any clinical study, which is the whole point of doing such thing.

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