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For the guy's that don't recover erectile function post LRP.

I was just wondering how successful these implants were (see attached link) and if anyone knows of anyone who has one, and what their experiences were etc? Can the man still orgasm etc? How realistic do they look? Are most men happy with the surgery?

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They work well but are really a last resort, long after oral medications, intracavernous injections, vacuum devices. Yes, the man can have orgasm.
Thanks Dr K. I guess its rare a man would need one after BLNS, mainly for men with cancer who's nerve bundles were compromised.
Dr. Krongrad,

Would LRP significantly affect a man's libido?
LRP would not have a direct effect on libido, other than so far as diagnosis, disease, and symptoms may cause mood dysfunction (depression, anxiety), which can interfere with libido.

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