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hello , how is everyone that has had the surgery doing????

its been a while since i have been on here. my life is pretty much back to normal .THANK GOD!

but i would like to hear from the guys who have had the surgery and give us some updates.

i dont see anything current or detailed . thank you.

i pray for us all every day!     GOD BLESS!!

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My update had nothing to do with any elses story, I was just sharing my experience.......

Peter, I wasn't criticising you - I think it's great that you're doing well and wish you good luck in the future. I was just pointing out that the research project which was so important seems to have been abandoned.  There's never any response when I make a comment about it. Frankly, that worries me.

Well I know it was a clinical trials test and I thought it was for a given amount of time but I cant say how long it was supposed to last. Thank you for the kind words, I am truly thankful I was able to have this surgery done. I feel for those who suffer the same disease and as someone who had tried just about everything over many years for a remedy for me removal was the only cure.

Guys, I had the surgery by Dr. K in January 6, 2012 and I'm worse off than before. The only good thing I can say is I'm fully continent but I'm absolutely impotent and in constant pain. I wish I had never done the surgery.

Keep in mind, I felt like my recovery was coming along nicely but 3-1/2 weeks after surgery, I had some pretty major bleeding. I was on a 3-way catheter for 2 days until things cleared up. Things were definitely worse after that episode. I often wonder how it would have been if that hadn't happened/

It was my second go round with CP (had it in the 90's) and it lasted three years. This time it was worse than before and I was desperate. However, I still think my results were anomalous and this is still a good therapy for sufferers. Glad you have had good results. Peter, I'd like to know the results of the study, too.

My pathology report showed cancer in both sides of my prostate but I don't know if bacteria showed up or not. Hope it gets better for you Dennis.

I was told I had chronic prostatitis after the biopsy. No cancer, thank goodness. Thanks, Peter. It has been better since my urologist has put me on gabapentin.

I definitely had chronic prostatitis with bacteria and non bacteria episodes over the years. Did not know there was cancer until after my surgery and pathology was done. My PSA was always within the normal limits so there was no signs of the cancer therefore I was not only relieved of the chronic prostatitis but cancer also.

May I ask about your potency?

Sure, I can have an erection and if I use an ED drug such as Levitra I can have intercourse. My orgasms are better than pre surgery. I had gotten to the point before surgery that most times I couldn't hardly feel an orgasm because of the chronic prostatitis.

I can't get an erection even with the drugs. Had a sort of one with Cialis, one time. But Viagra and Cialis give me wicked heartburn, too.

I can stimulate myself to orgasm w/o an erection but they're much weaker than before surgery and the urine leakage is a nuisance. Even when I void myself before.

I get hard erections with Trimix injections but they're kind of painful and my penis is about 2" shorter than b4. It's been a total disaster this whole thing. Right now, I'm just hoping for the pain to ease.

I have two buddies who took over 2 years b4 the ED drugs worked. What about you?

I would say probably about a year and a half I really noticed a difference. The nerves take a long time to heal. Hope you get better soon. Also prayer definitely helps :)

It's been over a year and a half for me but I've heard the 2 to 3 year thing is normal. Plus it's supposed to get better over time. Btw, how long ago did you have the surgery?

My urologist says that in his practive, only 50% of his patients have gotten their potency fully back. It's still weird not getting morning erections. And the stuff I read said 10 to 15% shorter. I'm way more than that. It's kind of embarrassing now.

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