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hello , how is everyone that has had the surgery doing????

its been a while since i have been on here. my life is pretty much back to normal .THANK GOD!

but i would like to hear from the guys who have had the surgery and give us some updates.

i dont see anything current or detailed . thank you.

i pray for us all every day!     GOD BLESS!!

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That's really good Dennis, it took me about 3 months before I was continent. I guess everyone is different.

Dr. K said I was very unusual. And my one buddy who got the surgery for cancer said he came home after, tossed the pads in the corner and never used them. Crazy, huh?

Btw, something had to go right.
Dennis Taylor said:

Dr. K said I was very unusual. And my one buddy who got the surgery for cancer said he came home after, tossed the pads in the corner and never used them. Crazy, huh?

Yeah it will get better.

The positive thing is, I haven't taken a percocet in months. Made me too loopy, anyway.

Dennis, so you did not had any frequency before surgery? and not now after surgery?

Yeah that's another great thing for me because I had been on different antibiotics for years and years and had some tendon damage from too much Cipro and Levaquin. Since surgery I haven't taken any for prostatitis and only a couple of times for colon issues.

Since my mid-30's, I take a leak once during the night. Same as now. Nothing's changed. During the day I had no problems. Frequency wasn't an issue. However, one thing I did notice. I've always had a "shy bladder" in public washrooms and would have to use the stall. I was at a football game last week and I stood in a busy washroom and just blasted away. That's kind of a big deal.

I think the a-b's I had for a sinus infection in early 2011 caused me to get the CP. I got epidymitis in my left testicle which turned into full blown CP. Something f'd with my system, that's for sure.


I (41 yrs old) had the LRP surgery with Dr. Krongrad in April of this year and my recovery has even exceeded my own expectations. I was continent on the day that my catheter was taken out 10 days after the surgery. All of my prostatitis symptoms have fully disappeared and erections are very gradually but noticeably coming back. I did not have any issues voiding before or after my surgery. I pray for everyone suffering from this debilitating and often underestimated disease.

I'm almost two years in and not recovered. I was pretty well fully continent after the surgery but I still have testicle discomfort and am absolutely, 100% impotent. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra don't work worth a damn and I get every side effect in the world. I have some success with Trimix but the erections are painful. Good for you, Martin. Glad things worked out.

Hi Dennis,

As far as erections, I am not there yet and I am sure it will definitely take many more months but I just have to be patient. Then of course there is the concern that my gradual improvement may suddenly come to a halt and I may have to live with what I have. In the end though, sex was not and certainly is not the most important thing in my life. I just wanted to have relief of my symptoms. To be a able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day without perineal pain, fatigue and depression.

I am so sorry to hear that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra do not help you and sincerely hope that things will somehow improve for you. Do you know what specifically is causing your impotence?

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