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Anyone ever had acupuncture done for their prostate? I am highly considering getting done. I wanted to see if theres anyone out there who knows what to expect. Some research online has shown promising results.

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can you stop to be treat for bacterial prostatitis with antibiotic to be cure with acupucture??

that's a decision you're going to have to make for yourself.  Any doctor will tell you not to (of course). Antibiotics were no longer making a difference for me. acupuncture was giving me results i had never even imagined while taking the antibiotics. i felt that if the antibiotics are not helping;  then why waste my money? i haven't taken any antibiotics in over a year and im making a lot of progress with my acupuncture treatment. if the antibiotics help in your case;  then i would recommend to do both. acupuncture is completely natural and will not interfere with the antibiotics. good luck, 

I tried it and it seemed to help. Only 3 sessions and i was feeling better. Then as the pain began to reduce, life re-started. Right now my pain has kicked back in. I'm looking for another Dr to do it as the one I saw has moved practice out of my city. i would say give it a try.

Could you please tell me how is the process goes is it Chinese acupuncture ?

Sure, the process was 30 mins per side. The first 30 i was on my tummy, then  the next 30 on my back. While on my back some of the needles inserted had cotton balls with Chinese herbal meds on them. They were lit and slowly burned, it was very relaxing. I'm not sure if every Dr does the same thing, I can only say my experince. There was no pain during the treatments give it a try its cant hurt

Hi John,

How is the Improvement with the acupuncture now.

Please let me know your current updates and feedback before starting my treatment.


The acupuncture worked very well for me. It resolved the horrible fatigue i had and felt alot better after each treatment. The needles alone were not enough and had to take herbs to go after the cause of the problem in my kidneys (cause of prostatitis in my case).  I'm now only on herbs and have been taking them for about a year now along with diet and excercise. Prostate problems are GONE and now only dealing with kidneys. Discomfort, occasional utis etc. Never taking antibiotics again as they have not helped me at all. I feel im about 95% better since joining this forum on my current path. Think of the acupuncture treatments as a good massage. They will help tremendously but ultimately you will have to find and go after the cause. you have to decide what works for you. I'm hoping my explanation will show you what to expect. Good luck and keep us posted.

Hello John, Thanks for your response.

I will definitely try the acupuncture treatment. I am located near los angeles california, do you have any reference. E.coli Bacterial infection in my urine 1.5 years back is cause for my prostatitis.

I have tried broccoli treatment [], it helped me about 60% for the symptoms.

unfortunately im not familiar with the la area. I would recommend you do your research on acupuncturist/ herbalists in your area. Make sure they use once only needles.  I would also recommend you see a acupuncturist who is well educated in the field. This will make a difference in your success. Also, please let them know about the e.cloi and all other factors as this will determine the protocol they want to use to treat you. Good luck and let us know how it goes. 



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