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Types of Surgical Procedures for Chronic Prostatitis

A member posts the following comment: "men have been tricked into having surgeries we should not have had." Yet for some men surgery seems…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MDLatest Reply

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InfraRed lamp prostate treatment.

I have chronic bacterial prostatitis since 2014, I had antibiotics treatment like urologists prescribed me (cipropol, augmentin, doxycyclin…

Started by kdkrkx

3 Sep 14, 2016
Reply by kdkrkx

Strong warning fluoroquinolones drugs !

Please dont eat fluoroquinolones drugs because of terrible side effects, terrible irreversible body destruction (cipro, levoxa, avelox) whe…

Started by kdkrkx

1 Sep 10, 2016
Reply by kdkrkx

Lack of "dependable" treatments quite depressing

Hi everyone, I'm Rhythm, 59, and new to this forum. Thanks for all the support here. I've only had prostatitis for 6 months, so when I see…

Started by Rhythm Earthsong

40 Aug 19, 2015
Reply by Thomas Rodert

TUNA (transurethral needle ablation)

I read that TUNA procedure may give some relief for chronic prostatitis sufferer...did anyone try this procedure?

Started by jeffos

0 Jun 22, 2014

Do Treatments Work?

Which symptoms did you have before treatment? Which treatment did you have? Were your symptoms relieved?

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

15 Jan 9, 2014
Reply by Blake

Acupuncture for prostatitis treatment

Anyone ever had acupuncture done for their prostate? I am highly considering getting done. I wanted to see if theres anyone out there who k…

Started by John Waller

21 Dec 24, 2013
Reply by John Waller

Effects of Long Term Antibiotic Use

Dr. Krongrad, The site has grown quite a bit since I last used it. I think I was the 9th person to join in 2008? That's GREAT! Anyway, I am…

Started by Smith

9 Dec 24, 2013
Reply by Alexander

Does anybody has expirience with Sildenafil?

I found one article where there were some improvments in lower urinary tract symptoms, but do not know did they have prostatitis or what? …

Started by Ra

0 Jul 24, 2013

Spinal cord stimulator operation

Dear All,   I decided to have a spinal cord stimulator operation for my chronic pain.  Its 4 weeks post operation and I am doing well.  I c…

Started by Charles Wilson

2 Apr 22, 2013
Reply by Charles Wilson

Bee Pollen

Has anybody tried bee pollen for prostatitis. if you did .did it work ?one study compared antibiotics and bee pollen. 35% of men symptoms l…

Started by Henry

1 Feb 2, 2013
Reply by Harvey



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