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Hello Dr. Krongrad and forum members,

Thank you very much for opening this forum. Forums like these help the openness and sharing of information and many times helps accelerating the problem solving.

I have recently been diagnosed by chronic prostatitis and unfortunately my urologic physician is not a very informative person. So I am looking for information on the internet, and also looking for a different physician..

I think it would be great if you can add a section of FAQs  - Frequently Asked Questions - to this forum. It can help reduce the confusion of newcomers. Following   the treatment I’ve had, I’ve got many questions that I think are FAQs, and I would be happy if you can assist here with some answers that can reduce the confusion J

If you like to know – below is the history & treatment I’ve got – which is followed by the FAQs I have


History, Treatment & Diagnosis:

I think it started after having unprotected Oral sex by a girl I had a “one night stand” with, some months ago. At the beginning I’ve had some pain and irritations on my penis, and pain on the right testicle. Later I’ve also got a burning sensation at the urethrae. After being treated with Doxyline 200mg for 10 days, the pain has significantly reduced and burning sensation. But never totally gone. All the tests I’ve made were negative for any STDs.

During this time when I was masturbating, I did it only with soap and water – to not transmit bacteria to/from my throat.. about two weeks after the first Doxyline treatment had finished – I allowed myself to masturbate with saliva and then the symptoms had increased again. The physician prescribed Cipro antibiotics – which didn’t help much – and gave me the “two cups test” – which showed white blood cells (therefore I was diagnosed chronic prostatitis), and again all STDs tests were negative and other urine tests were normal. Later I got 10 days x 100mg Doxyline, and had some improvement. So the doctor told me to ejaculate A-LOT (several times a day) in order to clear any left “deposits”. That just made things worse. I got back to the Dr. and he gave me Gentamicin injection 5 days x 160mg. which did somewhat help.

Currently pain is much reduced in comparison with the beginning (yet there is some sensation) but burning sensation while urinating or after masturbating is still there. My current CPS index score is 15.

My personal question:

Do you agree with the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis?


My FAQs:

1. When all STDs tests return with negative results (twice) – does it means that I don’t have any STD?

2. Currently I am not seeing anyone (romantically), but I am 32, and would like to get married and have kids. Does chronic prostatitis is a STD? Is it contagious?

3. Can chronic prostatitis affect the quality of sperm / fertility?

4. Can I donate blood?

5. Is there any statistics about people who were cured from it?
5.a. By any kind of treatment (even placebo treatment)
5.b. Just with time?

6. About NSAID (such as Ibuprofen – which I haven’t taken yet). Does is only reduce the symptoms or can help the cure? I.e. if I would take it for some times and symptoms will be gone – will they get back after stop taking the NSAID?

7. Same question (as NSAID) about alpha-blockers

8. I also have (recently) lower back stiffness (mostly after sitting) – I understand this is another known symptom. Was there any research done on exercise to make the pelvic floor more strong and lower back? Such as Pilates – to help to cure


Again, thank you very much for this forum and for your so important assistance


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Yarden, this whole site is one big FAQ listing. Here questions are broken up into individual discussion threads, some of which are classified by groups, as indicated on the upper right column. To find threads by topic, you may want to also search by keyword in the box in the upper right.



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