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What, if any, relevance do homeopathic medicines/doctors have to say with regard to this condition?? Any thoughts, anybody gone to see anyone?? Any luck??

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I have also been very interested in homeopathic remedies. I have not seen a professional. I have done alot of research on it. I have come across herbs known as "natural antibiotics" I tried out goldenseal and echinacea. Those did not have any effect on my chronic bacterial prostatitis. I have also looked into oregon grape root which is similar. Ive been taking it almost a week now and i can definately seeit has an impact on my prostatitis. Still too soon to say for sure though.  Im 19 years old with mild symptoms but, it is very bothersome for me. Havent had very much success with the several urologists ive seen about it. I do stay on top of it though to make sure i do not have a UTI etc. Hope this helped out.

You may also find some interest in this action by the FDA in regards to health claims made by one herb distributor, a few of which relate specifically to prostatitis.

Just fyi, a new study has found that ginsenoid is associated with reduced bacterial colonization of the prostate. In rats. The relevance of this to prevention of prostatitis in humans is not known. Click here to read the report.



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