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I have chronic bacterial prostatitis since 2014, I had antibiotics treatment like urologists

prescribed me (cipropol, augmentin, doxycycline,  bactrim), but fluoroquinolone destroy my body (im recovering now, i dont know if

i ever recover, to back to work, to back to life).

antibiotics doesnt help, prostate pain is still.

On my polish forum I read about aparat lightment lamp treatment

(about 30 people chronic bacterial prostatitis cured completly).

I have been using this lamp 4h daily (2h morning, 2h nightly) 8th month

and its working. Ejaculation night by night. Witamin c very large doses 6 g daily (dissolved in water i drink all day).

Magnezium 500mg daily.

Disadventages: you must use this lamp 3-4 hours daily,

day after day 12 months (or even more months) to cure prostate completly.

This treatment does not work for everyone, however works for

most chronic prostatitis bacterial.

I dont know why (or why not) it works.

InfraRed light lamp are widely used for sinus chronic infection

(sinusitis) and no one knows why.

Im also disappointed, 21th century and prostatitis is very very

hard to treat condition, sometimes uncureable condition,

and ignored also by urologists (its all in your head).

21th century we have people in space, robots on mars,

but insufficient care about health.

Big farma corrupts medical organization, fda, emea, 

terrible drug side effects are obfuscated, hidden.

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What kind lamp you use? Can you send more info?

Ugh I made spelling error.

Aparat LIGHTMED - the correct product name.

This lamp looks like big computer mouse.

220V 50Hz power supply.

Product site:

You may call to this number:,

I think this producer man should speak english.

And be aware what helped me (prostate pain lightmed treatment)

may not help you.

Increasing the bodys resistance is esential.

0 sugar, 0 alkohol, 0 coffe.

Wit c large doses, magnez, zinc is important also.

When you have chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma in prostate

InfraRed lamp may not help.

Prostatitis is very hard to treat condition.

Ra, one more thing, you have prostatitis since 1995,

so that is about 20 years!

you also have prostate stones.

Aparat lightmed works well for people 

who have prostatitis few years.

The faster sameone starts treatmemt lamp the better and faster results are.

If you have prostatitis 20 years using this lamp you may not cure

prostatitis. I thing in your case LPR surgery is the best option.

Indeed if you have 50+ years you may remove prostate LPR

to prevent cancer.

When you have a prostatitis 20 years or more im sure you 

may have cancer prostate in the future.

check your PSA in Blood level.



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