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Hi everyone, I'm Rhythm, 59, and new to this forum. Thanks for all the support here.

I've only had prostatitis for 6 months, so when I see members posting that they are in their 10th or 15th year of this unbearable disease, it makes me feel foolish saying I don't how much longer I can bear it. It also makes me feel quite depressed and hopeless that my own prostatitis could be around for decades. Obviously I was hoping to resolve it within months, or 1 year at the most, but there seems to be no dependable treatments that work consistently, just "I tried everything and nothing's really helped," or "I get a tiny bit of relief, just taking the edge off, if I take a whole bunch of Tramadol" or some other heavy-duty prescription drug.

Occasionally, someone reports 50%-90% ongoing relief from some nutrient or supplement (like Allicin,) but then others say "Didn't do anything for me."

I, too, have tried many, many things to reduce the pain - mostly non-prescription methods & supplements, since prescription pain-relievers like codeine and drugs like SSRIs & Tramadol make me feel very druggy. NSAIDS like Advil/Aleve do nothing for the pain, even 600 mg of Advil.

I will continue my own search for something that actually works, and contribute here. I welcome any advice you all can share. I am currently trying a week of fresh-cooked Chinese herbs from a master herbalist who says he's had success with prostate/bladder issues, but on day 5, no improvement.

For me, my main symptom is the burning, rash-like pain in my scrotum, perineum, and rectum. I also have burning pee and pain at tip of penis, but I'm not peeing excessively...only had 3-4 nights in the whole 6 months where I got up 5-6 times to pee, usually just twice.

If I could just find something to dial down the burning pain a few notches in my scrotum, perineum, and rectum (particularly my rectum, for some reason) I could bear some of the other symptoms.

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Hi Rythm,

First of all you need to get tested properly using PCR DNA urethral smear for Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, etc. instead or apart from urethral smear test, it is recommended to run PCR DNA test on 1st urine and semen. Apart from PCR DNA, standard cultures are required preferably from semen or EPS, stool sample analysis for fungal overgrowth (candida albicans) is also recommended. Once you have the above, we can start to discuss possible approaches. You have not mentioned any antibiotics in your treatment history. The TCM doctor or herbalist should have checked your tongue and pulse before prescribing herbs - however - if you have a chlamydia or other serious pathogen, this is not gonna help.


Well i had a positive test for mycoplasma in the semen... After all the right antibio i still have symptom. The dr told me that mycoplasma was normal in prostate... Again the dna pcr for mycoplasma does not show what kind of mycoplasma you have.

I don't see any question in your post so I believe you just wanted to share your story Carl. Make sure you re-test at least 3 weeks after antibiotics. I don't want to start the debate whether ureaplasma/mycoplasma is pathogenic or not - there are publications about it on pubmed. Apart from PCR you need to do cultures. Good luck.

Yes i did it was negative... On my part i know it was pathogenic the mycoplasma no debate there. Just finish my second round at Bahn this morning.

Novik, I put this (below) in the chat while you were still online, but didn't get a chat response from you, so I'm recopying to a reply here:

Yes the herbalist checked tongue/pulse

And yes, I had 2 rounds of antibiotics as first line of treatment from a traditional urologist. He had me take Cipro, for over 2 weeks. When that did nothing, he had me take Levaquin for almost 3 weeks, also did nothing

I've also tried long use of natural antibiotics like high-Allicin garlic and Quercitin.

So I'm not sure what a PCR DNA urethral smear is, but you would think that if my prostatitis was pathogen based, it would have been killed off by now, right?

Not really... Bacteria in prostate is very complicated!!! I had took 2 weeks of cipro and still tested positive!

Carl, I will be interested to track your progress w/Bahn. I live half-hour from his Ventura office, assuming you live somewhere in SoCal area too. I have heard several stories about his prostatitis injections, some positive & curing, some difficult-negative responses. Let me know how you fare

I have used too many kinds of antibiotics according to the culture after that i have negative culture and i did it many time and negative culture but the symptoms is still, which means negative culture does not always tell that bacteria is gone
And blake the guy from this fourm, hope that he tells us more details
You sre close to Bahn just go for tge Trus you dont need to take injection he will tell you what happening with your prostate. This will help you in choosing your treatment.

Yes, Carl, I am definitely interested in seeing Bahn for his color-doppler TRUS as best diagnostic tool for my prostatitis.

Only problem being, starting price is $700, paid in full (no payment plan, no insurance coverage,) and more like $1000 once he's added a couple more consultations and prescriptions. A bit steep for my wallet right now, but probably will scrape together soon if nothing else works.

Can you report if your injections are healing your own prosta? Or whatever effect?

Interesting trimethoprim story, Blake. Hard to imagine subjecting my stomach, digestive flora and overall body to that much protracted antibiotic infusion. Seems like even if it cures the prostatitis (which as you mentioned isn't guaranteed,) it would screw up some other  body parts, like liver, kidneys, gall bladder, etc....certainly some bad long-term effects.

You concurred about NSAIDs not helping with prosta pain. I haven't seen much talk about anything that actually works for reducing pain/burning in the scrotum/perineum/rectum, on this forum or the other well-visited forum,  Most focus is on the drugs & treatments that might cure it, but not so much about how to dial down the pain successfully...beyond the standard things like hot sitz baths, massage, NSAIDs, quercitin, etc. none of which have reduced my burning even one notch :-(

I cant say that im cured but the trus show that there was my prostate was in good shape therefore my symptom are minimal and will continu to go at Bahn for follow up!!! I think that Bahn is a treatment not a cure.



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