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Has anyone tried this either by itself or in conjunction with antibiotics?  If so, what was your experience?




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What is Propolis? Any references?

 I tried it started 3 days ago, with the herb , read below..

  hope it will help, if not, anyway it helps in the body as detox cure...


 I have prostatitis last 2 years, it flare up 2 years ago ...

 my Doc said it is long story it got chronic...

when I was 18 years old I saw blood on my semen fluid but didnt care for it

 that was the time I got this bacteria...

 after 5 weeks antibiotic treatment my bowel broke down, disbacteriosis... most probably

 becouse of candida over growtf..

 I start yogurt and kefir treatment... since my bowel doc. saw at clonoscopy imflammation..!!!

 after loooong research found good herb in the internet

 just wanted to share

 may be some of you want try.. I started twice a day 2weeks ago, so far so good

 another one is saw palmento...

  good luck

You're trying propolis, the resin that bees collect from botanical sources? Where does the idea come from that this is good for the symptoms of prostatitis? Are there any data quantifyng its effects?


Saw palmetto has recently been shown to have no effect on lower urinary tract symptoms (click here). You can follow up this and related topics on the discussion on homeopathic treatments for prostatitis.



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