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I'm 19 years old with chronic bacterial prostatitis. I was diagnosed at 17. Is there a better success rate in treatment for younger men? Ive been dealing with this for a year and a half straight. I've noticed in the past couple of weeks it has started to clear up for the first time. I hope this continues.

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Great questions. I've not seen data stratified by age and/or any analyses that examine the interaction of age with treatment success.

That said, you'd think younger patients would respond better because older patients will have had more years to become resistant to treatments and thus be less likely to respond to the next. Either way, great news that your symptoms are clearing up.

I have remained optimistic throughout this whole process. Im glad i have this forum to share my thoughts.


I was starting to think I'm the only guy under 30 with this.
Mine also started at age 18 and I'm 27 now.  SUCKS.
Mine went away within a week or 2 the first couple of times it flared up but not this time it's now week 5 of pure agony and nothing seems to be working.

I have not had a good night sleep in 3 weeks now and as for my sex life... Lets not go there.

In my opinion it seems the younger I was the better the meds worked.



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