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I am 38 years old and recently noticed several physiological changes that may be symptomatic of prostatitis:

(i) more frequent urination - including nocturnal urination.  I have to rise usually once in the night.  

(ii) a tingling sensation at the tip of my penis that comes and goes day-by-day.  I notice it usually a short time following ejaculation.

 (iii) Occasional discomfort/tenderness in the testicles/scrotal area.    

My GP, whom I first saw in early December 2011, initially thought it was a UTI based on a simple urine protein test and prescribed Cephalexin, an antiobiotic.  The symptoms appeared to stop within 48 hours, though I did not complete the course of antibiotics, ending it after 72 hours.  Symptoms reappeared 2 weeks later.  This time I noticed my left eyelid had become swollen and I was experiencing mild constipation  This time a second doctor, in Finland where I was visiting, at the end of December, suggested it may be chlamydia.   He prescribed another antibiotic, azithormycin, which I took as a single dose in case it was chlamydia.  The symptoms were alleviated again, but once again returned within a week.  The test for chlamydia ultimately proved negative as did a microscopic examination of the urine and a sample from the tip of my penis for any sign of bacteria.  .I am now leaning towards chronic prostatitis as a diagnosis and will see my usual GP for his advice as it has been nearly two months since I first noticed the symptoms. 

Do these symptoms resonate with anyone else with chronic prostatitis?  

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Yes, I never had the BPH symptoms but sometimes numbness at the end of the penis. Mainly I had the scrotal pain which was often excrutiating. Also had perinal discomfort almost like I was going to explode. Although I had CP for 3 years when I was your age (went away by itself) it came back this time after a bout with epidydimitis in my left testicle. By the time the abscess cleared up (cipro) I had full blown CP. This has been going on since April.



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