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Expressed Prostatic Secretion (EPS) Leukocyte Count Does Not Correlate With CPSI Score

The number of inflammatory white blood cells, a.k.a. leukocytes, present in mechanically expressed prostate secretion is sometimes taken as…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

3 Nov 18, 2012
Reply by Blake

Prostate massage sample grew 'Morganella' Bacteria

Hi there, I've been suffering from prostatitis for a year now. I've recently had a prostate massage which grew a bacteria called Morganella…

Started by Chris

2 Nov 18, 2012
Reply by Blake

Prostatitis, or...?

Hello, I am 27 and having a number of symptoms that I believe are related to prostatitis. However, I am not positive of this diagnosis and…

Started by Brian H.

18 Oct 30, 2012
Reply by mr park

Acute or Chronic Prostatitis?

Hi Everybody. Few weeks back, I discovered an acute prostititis over a chronic one. I was really surprised not to have noticed that before…

Started by Joe

11 Oct 3, 2012
Reply by Joe

TRUS: transrectal ultrasound

Hyperechoic or hyooechoeic areas: what are the difference in these findings for the case of prostatitis?

Started by jeffos

4 Jul 24, 2012
Reply by Arnon Krongrad, MD


I was recently diagnosed with prostatitis and I was given a 3 week dosage (2X daily) of Bacterim. The doctor ran tests for various STDS (al…

Started by davyboy

1 Mar 27, 2012
Reply by Dave

Early signs of prostatitis

I am 38 years old and recently noticed several physiological changes that may be symptomatic of prostatitis: (i) more frequent urination -…

Started by Concerned_male

2 Mar 23, 2012
Reply by Blake

Prostate blockage and renal failure in a young man

Thanks to the UK's The Guardian, we now have an odd story of a young prison inmate who died following a tale involving difficulty urination…

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD

0 Feb 16, 2012

Asymptomatic prostatitis keeps returning

Hello,  I'm 21 years old, male, studying engineering. I eat very healthy food, do excersise and have no previous history of serious illness…

Started by Nino Kan

6 Dec 9, 2011
Reply by Nino Kan


hello my name is mohamed. i would like to get some feeedback from DR Kongrad and other members. i was diagnosed with prostatitis at the ag…

Started by mohamed mullah

0 May 11, 2011



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