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At 8:51pm on July 28, 2008, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Hi Chris. Welcome. As you can see we've just started this network. It will help if members would say what brings them. Have you been treated? If so, how? What information are you looking for? Thank you. AK
At 9:26am on July 29, 2008, imnotcrazy said…
chris im so sorry to hear what happened to you in china. myself and bob almost went last year . we got freaked out and didnt go.
i hope you get cured!
At 3:41pm on July 30, 2008, imnotcrazy said…
thank you. your right my heart is in the right place. i just dont want to see anyone get hurt looking for a cure . i had a surgey i should not have had but i was manipulated and paid the price.
thanks again . all the best to you.
At 3:01am on September 24, 2008, Nik said…
Hi Chris, you may have to give Chris Eden a reminder to look at the site as he only came on here a while ago after I asked him too. Try this address, Hopefully he will look at your question then.

All the best

At 4:38am on September 24, 2008, Nik said…
Would be very interested in how much he charges for prostate removal, they would not disclose this without consultation when I asked. I know Arnon said its about $36000, £18000 in US so would be an interesting comparison. If I ever make the decision to have my prostate removed this could be an important factor. It might be cheaper in the states even with hotel & airfare. Of course if there were any complications it would be best to be at home I guess as NHS could sort out complications without further expense. When you think of the money Song was charging to screw people up, it still sounds like good value to me to be rid of the problem once and for all..!!!
At 3:02pm on October 8, 2008, Christopher Eden said…
The difficulty with NHS operating lists is that the next generation of urologists has to be trained somehow and this is the only environment in which they can be trained. It is therefore impossible for me to guarantee to NHS patients, even fellow doctors, that I will do all of their operation, although I do guarantee that I will at the very least assist in the case and supervise all of it. If I stopped training or reduced training for my trainees I would stop getting them, which I am understandably keen to avoid as I see training as a key component of what I do. If a patient particularly wanted me to do all of their operation, I could only do this if he were a private patient. The fixed price cost of an LRP is just over £11,000.
At 3:09pm on October 8, 2008, Christopher Eden said…
I did my 6th LRP for intractable prostatitis 6 days ago (99 minute op. time, 30 ml blood loss and 48 hour post-op. stay) so it's too early to gauge success in terms of pain relief.
At 5:53pm on November 8, 2008, imnotcrazy said…
i have had 7 rounds im 97% most of the time. like right now im normal 100%
but every now and then i get the burn . so im going back for round 8 in jan.
this stuff is crazy!! you will love dr. bahn and his staff! they are the best i have met on every level. keep me posted !
At 6:41pm on November 8, 2008, mike said…
i noticed that dr bahn failed to help la steve after a 3 shots.
At 7:23pm on November 8, 2008, imnotcrazy said…
everyone is different. also lasteve went to song. so who knows what damage has been done.
At 4:51pm on November 23, 2008, Christopher Eden said…
His histology showed no cancer. His symptoms had improved approximately 50% at 8 weeks following surgery.
At 2:35pm on November 24, 2008, Christopher Eden said…
He was continent immediately but I have no details of his potency so far. He lives in Aberdeen and is being followed up by his local urologist.
At 11:54pm on November 25, 2008, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
You might be interested to know, Chris, that since we started to open our mouths other surgeons have written me to indicate that they have observed nicely salutary effects on chronic prostatitis with radical prostatectomy. To this end, we maintain that surgery is a treatment of last resort. We still do not know the most basic things: likelihood of response, magnitude fo response. While I fully appreciate your eagerness for information, please remember our relatively primitive understanding of this disease and the role of surgery. Please remember that no matter how the neighbor did with surgery the relevance to you is unknown.
At 6:40pm on November 26, 2008, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
I do not object at all so long as you don't object that others, me included, will periodically comment on your posts. The idea is to present matter for education: what we know, what we do not know. I wish you all the best with your journey and look forward to followign your progress.
At 11:31am on November 28, 2008, Nik said…
Chris, you may or may not know that Christopher Eden also does an operation for BPH laparascopicaly like radical removal except the prostatic capsule is left behind intact along with nerves etc therefore significantly lowering chances of side effects. As far as I know it is totally removing the whole core of the prostate right up to the iside of the capsule, like a radical turp but maybe even more tissue removed..?? It might be worth considering or at least asking him the question about whether it could be done for prostatitis. Usually this operation is reserved for BPH sufferers with very big prostates but it might be worth asking about for prostatitis. If 67% of prostatitis patients were cured by radical turp then if possible, this procedure may be even more effective but with almost no side effects that go with LRP.

I will be asking him this question at some point but as your surgery is coming up I just wanted to make sure you had thought of this. It may not be possible but well worth asking the question.
At 4:58pm on November 28, 2008, Nik said…
Chris, the fact you have a definate documented infection "increases" your chance of a succesful result from Radical TURP. This study was done in 1982 and the criteria of the men selected were category 2 infection based prostatitis. The goal was to remove as much infected prostatic tissue from within the prostate capsule as possible. Not only were 67% cured, but a further 21% were improved. Only 12% were not helped at all. You could say 88% of bacterial prostatitis was helped by radical turp in this study. Christopher Edens laparoscopic operation for BPH is here along with TURP.

I am not sure if it could give further benefit to radical turp but its worth asking him. If you were to have radical TURP and it did not help, you still have the choice to do lrp at a later date. See my discussion on this site TURP prior to LRP.

If you do LRP straight away there is no going back. It should be the very last treatment after a failed radical TURP.
At 5:55pm on November 28, 2008, Nik said…
Have a great time. I hope the injections give you relief to tide you over till surgery. I plan on seeing Bahn next year after trying IVF with my Fioncee. If that does not work I will be considering radical TURP then if still unlucky LRP. It would seem you have a 67% chance of not needing an LRP with definate bacterial prostatitis....!!!
Chris Eden does TURP anyway so your consultation would not have been a waste of time if you did decide on giving TURP a go.
At 3:41am on November 29, 2008, Nik said…
IVF is artificial insemination. Whatever caused my prostatitis (Probably NSU, or a hemoroid operation years ago) has left me with an extremely low sperm count which renders a natural pregnancy highly improbable. Before I consider any prostate surgery I will need to provide samples for the IVF treatment. That wont be possible with dry ejaculation which is a side effect of TURP or LRP...!!!!

I run Linux on my computer so do not have yahoo messanger, but here is my email We can exchange phone numbers by email and have a chat if you like. It would be interesting to talk about Bahns ultrasound machine and the level & positioning of inflammation it can show. It could be an important factor in determining which surgery is best in each case.
At 1:09pm on November 29, 2008, Nik said…
Just sent email Chris let me know if you dont get it.
At 12:45pm on December 3, 2008, Nik said…
Hi Chris, doesnt seem like radical Turp holds much hope for us unfortunately judging by Christopher Edens experience with it. Its surprising that study showed 67% cure rate.

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