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At 4:14pm on September 29, 2010, Trina said…
That is great about your old patient but how is his bladder working?
At 11:20pm on October 6, 2010, Trina said…
Dr. Krongrad,

Thanks for letting me know. I forwarded Peter Hunts story to John. His PSA levels are also low.
At 10:58pm on October 12, 2010, Rand Podell said…
Dr... Thank you so much for writing me. Very much appreciated. I am a 58 to male with hx of BPH x 8 yrs. Been on flomax most of that time. I scrub in OR and had to break scrub after 1 1/2 hr cases. Usual symptoms especially at night. Decided to have Greenlight Proc due to low complications  etc. Had proc one month ago. Cath came out after day 1 and immediately started bleeding. After full day I obstructed and went to ER for catheter. Wore it for 4 days and removed it. Was fine after first 7 days but then started pain in perineum ESP with urination. Pain got progressively worse, Dr office treats me with Azio with no help. Pain gets really bad over next week. On third week finally get in touch with doc who says I have low grade prostate infection.. Cipro started for ten days but no help. Pain increases ESP with finishing stream. Last sat  which was day 23 I developed severe pain and passed huge clots with lg amount of blood. On call doc says usual stuff and go for cath if obstructed. Well 2 hrs later I was. Brutalized in ER as I was cath 4x and blood everywhere. Pain was so severe I was nauseated and BP over 200 pulse 110. Went home with cath and obstructed 8 more times over 2 days and irrigated myself. This was horribly painful each time. Saw my urologist finally yesterday and he did office cysto on me and had huge meaty clot attached to raw area where my prostate once was. Alot of raw tissue and he broke clot loose with scope. I was able to painfully pass it. Yesterday and today I have severe pain with starting flow but more when finished esp in peri anal area. I'm so so frustrated as this was an elective procedure. I'm very much afraid my prostatitis will not totally go away and now I have a painful issue for life. Plus I'm concerned over all antibiotics. Fortunately I have only pain and frequency issues not obstructed. Any help Dr would be a help. Seriously it has depressed me deeply. Thanks again. I def have an appreciation for men with prostatitis. Rand
At 1:07pm on October 15, 2010, Rand Podell said…
Doc thank you I will. I went to my urologist Monday and he did office cysto on me. Where my prostate was sittin near neck of bladder looked pretty " ratty" and had huge beefy clot there. He knocked it loose and almost killed me passing it.. I am glad I don't have to have a baby. Lol.. Anyway he stated to stay on cipro at least another3 weeks with sitz  baths but I must say pain with and ESP after urination is getting more intense and after flow is over I hurt fir ten more min. I am so frustrated that I had an elective proc done and now headed into my fifth week I am worse. Thank you for checking back with me. 
At 1:25pm on October 15, 2010, Rand Podell said…
No sir... Just said it's a long process... Never had anyone have this rough of time.. I will hate him for 2-3 mo but then love him!!! Well he is right with first part.. Lol. 
When I first started with these symptoms I was ten days post op. Called office and got run around for ten more days till he responded and started cipro again. 
At 1:47pm on October 15, 2010, Rand Podell said…
Thank you. You are doing a good work with this forum. Last question. In your practice and experience do you believe cipro can get rid of this? 
At 2:57pm on October 25, 2010, mauricio chenlo said…
lower abdominal pain; lower back pain; painful urination/ejaculation; golf ball pressure. The main effect of the massages (which I began at home before going to Tucson) was the reduction of the size of the prostate, which it had all kind of benefits: better urinary flow; almost normal erections; lack of of golf ball effect. Thanks
At 3:19pm on October 25, 2010, mauricio chenlo said…
Sure, I really value docs who really care about the well being of their patients.
At 7:14pm on November 21, 2010, Steve Foster said…
Dr. Krongrad:

No, this all started due to the injection I had at the ED clinic. A terrible decision on my part to go to the clinic! I am 57 years old. Before this happened I was in excellent shape (my main hobby was competitive running). Now I'm taking zoloft and trying not to lose more weight! I think my ED was phycological, so there was no need to do go there. I've never had any surgeries, except a hernia operation approximately 11 years ago.
At 3:41am on November 24, 2010, momo said…
I'm in the same state.
At 3:34am on December 10, 2010, Clairvoyant said…

Hi, Arnon.

Thanks to read me . The surgery was to remove a 'Thornwald' kist. Of course I got a catheter for about 24 hours. .

Today, I am experimenting essential oils combination in suppository. No promise at all, but who knows? I'll let you know the outcome.




At 2:22am on December 19, 2010, Clairvoyant said…

Hi, Arnon. Have to say that on a scale of 10, pain reduced  down to 3 since the fourth day of the cure with EO's. I just needed two days to adjust the dosage. Initially 130 mg which caused nausea, I cut suppository in two parts, twice a day.

After a week of treatment I feel so good that I succeeded with a sexual intercourse. My urologist prescribed me a 30 days cure while I am doing a lithotripsy once a week  during five weeks.

The only side effect is the anal irritation due to suppository. Nothing compared to pain relief I was looking for since more than 5 years. I do relive myself !

regards - Clvt

At 12:05pm on December 21, 2010, Nik said…
Thanks Arnon. They are a little early but doing great!
At 4:11pm on January 3, 2011, kino marani said…

Hi Dr.Arnon,

Thank you for message.

Yes, in the beginning, I was treated with Ciprofloxacin. It diminished the symptoms for just a couple of days,

, then the relapse came. Just to add some data: PSA is 0.8, urine test and cultive are normal. US of the urinary system shows everything is OK. Testicle US shows a very very small varicocele in left scrotum, US doctor said it is almost insignificant and improbable of causing pain .

Symptoms keep coming and going. For instance, I haven't had any difficulty while orinating already for 10 days. Nor I got lower back pain or butt pain.  But instead got left testicle pain, specially if pressed somehow, by underwear or while driving. When the butt pain comes back the testicle pain dissapears and so on. The pain seem to move from one area to the other. After sexual relations there is a discomfort/mild pain in scrotum and the side of the leg in front of it, usually the day after. In 3 months, I got only 2 episodes of pain while ejaculating - beyond that, there is mild discomfort in scrotum right after sexual intercourse, and it becomes a little more painful the day after.

Why is all the pain concentrating in the left side of the pelvic area? (the only exception were a couple of days with pain in both the left and right side of butt. The majority of the time pain is in the left scrotum, left leg, left butt, left side of pennis).

Thank you for your time reading this,



At 5:12am on February 3, 2011, henry george methuen gray said…

I have maintained the anti candida diet for almost 8 weeks now and I believe I am almost free of the condition ,I might consider asking my GP for a short course of Fluconasole because I can feel very slight signs of the fungus which is probably just hanging into the prostate  by a thread but if that isn`t completely eliminated it will just start growing again when I start adding stuff back in my diet ,which I must start doing soon because one feels the lack of a bit of sugar etc.

      I would strongly urge anyone who has run out of ideas for treatment to at least try dieting the key element in a diet like this is it requires the very strictest application ,absolutely no cheating ,it`s pretty daunting to start with but one adjusts fairly quickly and I have to say I am thrilled with results and have started to enjoy life once more.

At 12:37pm on February 19, 2011, Dave B said…

Thanks Dr. Arnon.


Yes my history seems related to the weightlifting on the surface, but as always there are a lot of variables.  For example, I had done this same type of lifting in the past with no flareups....I had been doing the same exercises for 6 weeks without incident when my condition slowly came on over the course of a week or so.


On the other hand, both times it seems like lifting seemed to trigger or at least compound the problem.

Hernia has been ruled out by physical exam and two CT scans (pelvic with oral contrast and appendix scan with contrast administered via enema - was that a horrific procedure!).  PCP doctor referred me to urologist who also confirmed non-infectious prostatitis diagnosis but it didn't seem based on anything but his intuition and experience.  Also went to the ER last week and they found no problems via blood and urine tests and the appendix CT.  ER doctor suggested a gastroenterologist which I have yet to visit.


Can you give me some more info on how you would recommend following up to see if this is a spinal issue and not related to prostate?

At 4:47pm on February 19, 2011, Pawel Pekala said…
No, I haven't been seen by a rheumatologist yet, but I'm going to visit one in a several days. I'm going to discuss my health problems ( mostly prostatitis now ) with him and do some specific tests specially ones which indicate predisposition to reactive arthritis. I will ask if I can benefit from medication used in rheumatical illnesses. Thank you for advice. Best regards. Pawel
At 11:04pm on February 21, 2011, Chris Robinson said…

hey... just wanted to tell my story.

13 year prostatitis struggle and success.

gathering my thoughts now and thinking back over the last 13 years.


will post soon.




At 11:21am on February 24, 2011, Dave B said…

I appreciate the suggestions, Dr. Arnon.  I ended up in the ER recently because my pain was getting more acute and just felt really "wrong".  Have had probably 4 CT scans in the past month and no issues found anywhere.  Testicular ultrasound normal, all bloodwork and urine tests again come up negative.  On the plus side I had some cardiac tests done which I needed to get done and there were no problems detected with the heart!


So my pain usually has a testicular component, a muscle-feeling component when it has flared up the two times (again both after hitting the gym a couple times doing squats and deadlifts among other things - no maxxing out, just putting up 5 reps).  The pain is not always in the same spot.   I may wake up with my left teste hurting and maybe feeling that pain radiate up into the pelvis somewhere, then after lunch and sitting around all day I may get find that the pain is now exclusively in the area right around the appendix and my testes don't present anything??  Then later it's mainly in my perineum area or it may feel like something is pinching my sphincter.  I don't understand why it's so transitory??


As of yesterday I have developed the biggest muscle knot in my life on the right side of my lower back.  I'm assuming its from being fairly immobile for so long, but maybe a spinal issue could cause all of these symptoms?



At 11:24am on February 24, 2011, Dave B said…

I should add that this 2nd round of symptoms has mostly subsided and is only now minor teste pain which could be on either side at any given time and minor discomfort on the right pevlis - along with the back pain from the huge knot.


Both flareups lasted about 9 days.  I don't know if that's significant..


One last question.  Is there ANY WAY one could have a bacterial infection of the prostate or anywhere else and NOT have any red flags on multiple urine tests and blood tests?  I'm questioning why the doc still has me on Cipro when no evidence of a bacterial infection is present?


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