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hello , how is everyone that has had the surgery doing????

its been a while since i have been on here. my life is pretty much back to normal .THANK GOD!

but i would like to hear from the guys who have had the surgery and give us some updates.

i dont see anything current or detailed . thank you.

i pray for us all every day!     GOD BLESS!!

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No idea who performed either of his operations or even which kind of prostatectomy he had: partial? open? transurethral?

Dr.Krongrad  , how many LRP for prostatitis you did since  Robert  Radford ? I see there is 13 testimonials and  with Lew Steward  we have 14.  Thats all ?  

Dr . Eden in UK din 14 or 15 by now . 

I am consider LRP my self in very short time and every information is valuable for me.

I've done over 30 for prostatitis. As with prostate cancer patients, most have surgery and then go on with their lives to other things, which of course is the objective. For many reasons -- apathy, privacy, poor writing skills, distractions -- most don't write about their illness.
Thanks DR. Krongrad for your answer ! All of them with a good outcome ? In fact I would like to know if anybody got worse after surgery. Thanks again !

A couple have reported a short-lived worsening of discomfort in the weeks right after surgery, which is partly related to surgery effects. You can actually see the CPSI rise at one month on Rich Ellenberger's graph, after which it drops way, way down. 

Thats good news mr. Krongrad. I understand that nobody got worse one year afterwards ?



I think I told you via email about a buddy of mine who had prostate cancer. He said he felt great at the time and he only found out about when his PSA suddenly went way up.

Is that common that someone with cancer would experience no pain or discomfort while we with CP are in constant pain?

Yes. Most prostate cancers are asymptomatic. 

Doesn't seem fair, does it?

It has been 3 years since my prostate removal with Dr Krongrad. The greatest benefit of having this surgery to me now that I look back is the ability to urinate properly. I guess you take this for granted if you've never had prostate trouble but for me someone having chronic prostatitis for almost 30 years before my surgery it is truly a blessing to be normal in that aspect. So many times I couldn't urinate or I would go every few minutes but never empty my bladder. I know that this is bad for the bladder and kidneys. My bladder had thickened because of the constant urine inside that should have been emptied. Also constant infections of the urinary tract plagued me for years before surgery. I used to go to urinate all hours of the night whereas now I only awake to go once through the night. I only wish I had found Dr Krongrad sooner and had the surgery earlier in life but am thankful I found him anyway. I have utmost confidence in Dr Krongrad and will be forever grateful to him for his service to men who suffer as I did. Also to be free from the chronic pelvic pain I suffered from is awesome! Of course no surgery is without risk and I do have trouble with erections but I was having trouble before surgery due to the chronic prostatitis. Also my age plays a factor in erections as I am 52 now. To sum it up I am so glad I made the choice to have this surgery because I know for me it was the only real cure for chronic debilitating prostatitis.

Peter, it's great news that you're doing well. However, the fact that your story comes immediately after Hunter's update about his failed LRP emphasises the fact that we need the data - how many operations have been done, how many have been successful and how many have not helped. I've commented on this before. I ask Dr Krongrad directly- has the research project been abandoned? I don't think it's unreasonable for sufferers who are thinking about LRP to want to know.

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