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Pelvic floor issues???? see latest update..newbie

Hey Guys,

I have been suffering from prostate issues for over 10 years. It all started when I noticed semen coming out when I went # 2 or lifted heavy weights.... any ways.. over the years I started getting the symptoms, burning pee, sore penis and testicles.... frequent urinating... unable to empty etc........   

So I went through cipro a few times, had pee test came negative.. had scope by uroligst negative, had bladder empty test.. negative... Urologist told me my issue was from lifting, and working out too hard??? said I have no infection and no cancer.........  told me to stop training... (yea right)..

anyways... I still have issues.. however the one that I hate, is lately I have burning when I ejaculate!! hurts like hell and makes sex less enjoyable.  I am wondering if anyone can help????

I currently take, omega fats, zinc, saw palmetto,  cranberry pills....... offers minor relief....  The symptoms like most come and go....

Any help? I am 34!


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I forgot to mention that I do take Hytrin at night its like a flow max... helps me get through most nights without peeing...

Is it possible to have prostate issues from weight lifting?

not sure I want to squirt something up my butt......I will have to read on that one. Doesn't an enema make you poo and cleans out your bowls? I do not have a problem going to the can...


Hey Guys

I just forget what urolgist called it. If I recall it was not swollen it was not prostatits so to speak.. he had some other term for it.... I will check.. it was nothing bad, basically caused from lifting weights and he said to stop lifting heavy.... he prescribed nothing. I will call my doctor to confirm the name..

My GP prescribed hytrin for night time,, so I do not wake up to pee so much.

Ejaculating-usually if I go, it is sore for 2-3 days after....... however when I was younger I thought when I went often there was some relief.. can not remember as of late as we had a baby 3 weeks ago and I had not been getting much loving due to healing.

I do feel better when sleeping.



Ok I went to my GP today and got the report from urologist........... turns out it was almost 5 years ago!!

He did a cystoscopy, urethroscopy all normal.  Prostate was not obstructive and bladder was normal.  Doctor said " he probably has prostatitis.  We have told him to finish off his prescription for antibiotics, and drink extra fluids. Talked about slowing down weightlifting as certainly that could put strain on pelvic floor.  Appears to be no major problem, and nothing anatomical.

Antibiotics I was on at time was ofloxacin 300 mgs.. and symptoms were pain on voiding, and pain associated with intercourse.

I still have symptoms, similar in nature...... they go away once in awhile... does this help?

Well went to a different urologist and he believes that its my pelvic floor muscles.  Does not want to throw meds at me again as it did not seem to help much.  He is referring me to psio, said there is specialized psio that deal with this sort of thing.  Told me to be prepared for a rectal exam each time.  Also said that I should notice improvements within a few weeks if that is the issue.  Said that many of us hold stress in those muscles and said that old school doctors don't always believe in this treatment.   Told me that if this treatment did not work then he would look at other avenues.

I asked him if I could have an infection deep in the prostate and he side thats highly unlikely....

Your opinions? anyone had this treatment?


hello there!! i just want to tell you that your doctors are rightt when they say its because of working too hard and solving your problrm is not just by quitting to work out its much harder first thing when your tests came out negative that means you dont have an infection and you need to accept that and be happy and to be sure that you dont have an infection you should do a semen culture that would be the best test to know if its an infection and according to your symptoms its pelvic dysfunction problem a muscular problem that is affecting and infflaming your prostate and causing the pain ive been through all your symptoms and got rid of them just by relaxing and doing reverse kegels and the right diet no meds no nothing and to every one here when you feel that your are relieved after taking antibiotics its because antibiotics have a strong anti inflamatory agent that reduces symptoms do your search on CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN SYNDROME and be your own doctor understand and accept that if your tests come out to be negative then its only an muscular issue

This is becoming one of the biggest debates of our time. Is non-bacterial prostatitis a muscle problem or actually a bacterial problem that is not detected? After 12 yrs and many different approaches, I am back to believing that past or present bacteria deep in prostate that is then trapped by whatever the immune system fights it with, is very plausible. This could include inflammation and flare-ups as the immune system reacts to new bacteria or old bacteria that breaks out of its entrapment or from the crystalline type of material that seems to be created in the process of fighting the bacteria. I am not discounting pelvic floor muscle problems, I'm just saying that the theory of trapped bacteria and prostatic stones is very much in play for some patients, IMO. I've tried several months now of Dr. Wise's pelvic floor treatment protocol with not much to show for it. Good luck to all.

How can cathetor deliver antibioticss..its just a thin pipe meant for collecting urine after prostate surgery. .it passes through prostate gland. .but doesn't pump injection into it..its just a hollow pipe doesn't make any sense at all bro...
Blake, do some proper research before you make your self look an sound like a complete fool.
You might as well b asking why you can't grow wings and fly!!!

either you think only people with no common sense get prostatitis or you really need some guidance mate
that link you pasted is just a picture of the male anatomy , not one thing shows how it works.. Think I'm going to give this sight a breather for a bit


Hi Jim,

try cutting out the zinc for a while and see if this stops the burning when ejaculating!!!

Zinc can be a poison chalice for some sufferers like myself ..


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