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hello , how is everyone that has had the surgery doing????

its been a while since i have been on here. my life is pretty much back to normal .THANK GOD!

but i would like to hear from the guys who have had the surgery and give us some updates.

i dont see anything current or detailed . thank you.

i pray for us all every day!     GOD BLESS!!

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I'm going for a testosterone test next week. The guy at the Trimix office thinks the drugs  might not be working due to low hormones so HRT might be in my future. I'm also talking to another guy in Fla who does testicle denervation surgery. Probably should have done that first. My perineal discomfort was not the major problem. I feel like you do about sex but not getting erections has a major impact on my noodle. I just don't feel like a full man. Do the ED drugs work for you?

Dennis, I wish you good luck with the test.  I hope that that identifies the problem.  Let us know. I could see how low hormones could definitely be to blame.  They're running the commercials on my radio station here all day, so you're clearly not alone.  I can understand that it messes with your noodle as I am sure it does for everyone who has it.

As for me, I have not taken any ED drugs. I am kind of scared that they interfere with my natural healing process.  I would only consider them after the healing process must have completed, which according to this forum might take up to three years.  After that time I will reconsider. I am also kind of relieved not to have to take any drugs for a change.

I took Levitra for the first time the other day and thought my head would explode. There's a myth that you just pop one of these pill and get an instant hard on. Doesn't work that way. Btw, have a buddy who had the surgery for cancer. He says he has to take 2 Viagra (he calls him his Blue Bombers) and it's still 50/50 if he gets an erection. And he's single so he's having sex with new partners.

Erections with patients after prostate surgery tend to be tricky. Apparently, those with strong erections prior to surgery tend to have a better recovery of erections afterward (as was my case). In the case of your buddy it would be interesting to know when he had the surgery and how strong his erections were before his surgery. I am assuming better then 50/50.

Did your hormone results come back?

I had strong, hard erections b4 surgery, morning erections and spontaneous ones, too. I just had the test done a couple of days ago. Nothing from the doctor yet.

I had the surgery in October 2011. It took about seven months for me to get over the surgery and anxiety that the surgery caused me. I was continent from day one after having catheter removed. Felt much better within seven months as I stopped keeping a daily diary of my progress. I do occasionally feel some irritation in the area but nothing like I had before the surgery. I still do not get erections and was hopeful that I would since I had no problems with continance. No pills will help as I've tried all of them. I can use a pump and ring to maintain a "small" erection but not sure if I could penetrate or for how long. I think the pump may also contribute to the irritation. Overall, I am a much happier and healthy person today. I can sit with relative comfort for long periods of time. I am not sick as the devil as I was before. Glad I got the procedure. One thing, Doctor K does not believe in pain meds but I do believe he should re-consider. Pain and or anxiety medication should be prescribed for at least six months post surgery. Probably anxiety more than anything. This is a major surgery and should be taken seriously. Felling much better in Nashville, TN - John Roland

Hi, John. I had  the  procedure in January of 2012. I was worse off post-op and am still in a bit of discomfort. Dr. K did it. I don't know what I would have done without Percocet. Still 100% impotent but I use Trimix and that gives very hard erections.  I'm 100% continent, which is a relief. I'm also about 1-1/2 inches shorter, flaccid and erect. Overall, wish I hadn't done it. I'm currently seeing a pain specialist which has helped a bit. I'm also using a pump, Trimix and a device I saw on The Doctors called a Viberect. The inventor is very confident this will help most people get natural erections. Another benefit of this device is you can have orgasms using it. I'm pretty sure I've had the worst results of anyone in this group. Everyone I know who has had a prostatectomy was ok after the surgery. Although, all of us are impotent. Oh, and I've taught myself how to orgasm without an erection while masturbating.

Dennis, I can have an orgasm and probably better than before - when I had prostatitis. Dr k did do the procedure. I have heard about the trimix and would like to try it. I hear some say that it is painful and not worth it. Your thoughts? I to am shorter by about the same as you - which is not good when you don't have a lot to work with anyway. I do believe the surgery makes a man smaller. I don't see anyway that it wouldn't but again I hear on here that some are not shorter. I had this dreadful stuff for about nine years and believe I got it from anal sex with a lady I knew and was a very healthy woman. I guess bacterial but could never get a doctor to send sample to lab. My prostate swelled up so much that I really wanted to just die. Felt terrible, sick, and never ejaculated the same way again. lost jobs, relationships, and even myself. But I do feel better now. Sorry that you do not

This was my second go round with CP. I had it for 3 years when I was in my 30's. The doctor said it was probably a bacteria from the anus so likely anal sex, too. My pain wasn't as bad as some but if I tried to do any physical activity, I would be in agony after. Very little perineal pain, mostly scrotal. There is a woman here in town that does prostate massage and I wish I had been more patient with her. My orgasms aren't nearly as good as b4. The odd one can be pretty intense, though. I also urinate a bit when I come. Plus, I miss ejaculating. I'm using the pump to try to get my missing length back. There is a young guy from England, on here, who had the operation and he says his erections came back and he wasn't shorter, after. He and another buddy of mine who had the surgery for cancer, are the only ones I've talked to who still have natural erection. But my buddy says he's quite a bit shorter, too.

I had very little scrotal pain - mostly perineal and penis. Also felt like lightening flying out my penis when I ejaculated. I bought a device from aneros for self massaging and I think it helped a little. Problem is you are only getting to the "back side" of the prostate. I was getting stuff out of my prostate that kind of looked like it was congealed - not fluid. I think this must have been stuff from clogged acini within the prostate. does trimix hurt? how do you use it? injection or suppository?

I use the injections. The syringe is a very small gauge and I don't have a problem with it. I know others do. There is Trimix Gel (I'll find the guy for you) and you inject it down your urethra. I find this doesn't work as well as the injections and I can't control the dosage as with the shots. But another friend I met on here swears by the gel.

The thing that's good about the injections, is you need less of it as time goes by. I started at about 3.5 or 4.0, now I use about 0.7.

I think my prostate has always been wonky. I noticed over 10 years ago that I had lost a lot of volume of semen and it only kind of trickled out. I used to be able to shoot over my head while masturbating. So I think I had problems way b4 I had the pain. I started noticing pain in my left testicle from epididymitis in the spring of 2011. Have been in discomfort ever since.

same here. used to shoot across the room - then barely oozed out once I got prostatitis. mine started with body aches and pains and then perineal pain about a week later. that progressed to the point of not being able to sit down. not even on pillows. my testicles never bothered me that much. thanks Dennis. so epeididymis started after Dr K removed your prostate?

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