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Anyone ever had acupuncture done for their prostate? I am highly considering getting done. I wanted to see if theres anyone out there who knows what to expect. Some research online has shown promising results.

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Dear John,

I tried it with several therapists and had over 100 needles at one time but it made no significant difference for me.



Hello John, I've had it too by a hospital physiotherapy unit that use it routinely ... and for the 6 or so weeks I had it my symptoms were low. Only 3 needles at a time in very targetted locations - iirc it was shin, wrist and belly, and they were incredibly precise at finding each nerve they were after very quickly. The day after my last session, everything got worse again.....

....however, reading that probably makes it sound great [the danger of the Internet!] but I think I was actually in a good patch which coincidentally ended the day after the last session.  In summary, I do not believe the acupuncture made any difference at all.  However, we are all different - if you can afford the cost of it even just to rule it out then it might be worth continuing to research/having it done.

Best wishes,


thank you for your input.

I tried acupuncture and I would recommend that you at least try it. I was very sceptical but I found that after each session I felt very relaxed. It didn't make a dramatic difference to the pain, but I found that for a couple of days following treatment there was some difference and I never had 'bad' days in the immediate period after it. I had sessions twice a week, which I then reduced to once a week, and when it seemed to lose its effect I stopped. Nevertheless, it's worth a try and it might work for you. As most of us sufferers know, sometimes something really helps for one person and doesn't help at all for another. That's why we have to try things and then eliminate the treatments that don't work one by one.

in my case the pain is not severe. Its  really the fatigue and frequent urination thats the most bothersome. Did it help with other symptoms at all? I am optimistic to try it since my symptoms are mild.

I think it did help with those other symptoms. Acupuncture isn't just for immediate pain relief. In the long term it can help with general healing. I think for me this was the case, although it only went so far, and it was by no means a miraculous cure. Anyway, that's my experience and I think it's worth a try.

I have had BPH for 3 years and went through a study at The Univ of Washington last year. The doctor put me on hytrin 10 mg and my symptoms improved somewhat.

I have tried diet, herbs, and warm baths with little improvement.

Last year I started acupuncture once a week and within a couple weeks noticed a substantial reduction in symptoms. Mine were pressure when sitting, frequent urination, warm/hot feeling (not when urinating), severe itching.

See for needle placement. My acupuncturist didn’t place the needle in my perineum, but through my belly. The needle size is important.


I also started taking Omega 3, 1200-1800 per day (I like RX Omega-3 Factors) and within a month was 90% cured.

I now do acupuncture once a month and on occasionally have minor symptoms.

I still drink wine, coffee and have a martini occasionally.



I had my first acupuncture session 5 days ago and i do notice a difference. I am not cured, but i have had a reduction in my symtoms. Less urination, minimal pain, and minimal to no fatigue. I felt so good after my session. My acupuncturist told me i would be CURED since i am so young. It felt good to hear that word i had never heard from all the urologists/ doctors i had seen prior. I am remaining optimistic based on the results i am having so far. As i mentioned before i am still not 100%, but i really believe this will work for me. I will keep you guys posted on my progress.

After 3 sessions of acupuncture and one and a half week of chinese herbs, i am having good results. I am still not 100% cured, but i am definitely having gradual improvement everyday. My acupuncturist is telling me to remain patient. I was having my sessions once a week and now im on to once every two weeks. He now has me taking herbs twice a day and basically letting my body heal itself. I never would have guessed my body and prostate was capable, but im very confident at this stage. Ive been battling prostatitis for a year and a half now.  Also, i am on my second day of my new job in Technical support which requires me to remain seated at a desk for hours at a time. I can not explain how good it feels to not have to worry about having to urinate. I really hope this trend continues. Ill give another update after my next session. Wish me luck!!


Good Luck ... the important thing with most treatments is the longevity of the beneficial effect and finding one that does actually work well for us. So have fingers crossed for you.... keep us informed how you get on. Dave

i m under traitment of antibiotic to cure bacterial prostatitis is it good if i do acupucture together??

It can't hurt. Acupuncture basically makes your body release endorphins that heal areas of the body that are affected by sickness. I've given up on antibiotics and urologists altogether. after 3 months of treatment; i had a psa of 0.3!! keep us posted on your progress.



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