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I have been taking a suppliment called AllicinMax for around 2 months now and my prostatitis symptoms have improved by around 50-65% depending on the day. After the fiirst few days the improvement was rapid but now it seems to have levelled off but maintaining well, as long as I continue with taking the capsules. I took 4-6 per day at first but now taking 3 a day and holding.


I have no idea how or why it is helping but after reading the leaflet I believe its by antibacterial action. The feeling I have is as if I still have some prostate pain but seminal vesicle pain is gone and the rectal area feels much less conjested. The golf ball feeling is much smaller. On a good day its almost gone. I no longer have night sweats while taking AllicinMax and bowel movements are far more comfortable.


I believe for some this could be a very good suppressive treatment.

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You know what happened to that forum There were a lot of posts about allicin.

What antibiotics have you tried prior?

I don't know why that forum went down but that's where I heard about the Allicin. I know there were many others having good results with it. There was even one guy claiming a complete resolution of symptoms. Perhaps this is possible if caught early enough before becoming chronic who knows? I have tried all antibiotics associated with prostatitis with no success.

Thanks for sharing.


Selenium, an element found in Brazil nuts, can make your hair brittle when taken in pharmaceutical doses. Are there any known risks with garlic extracts taken in pharmaceutical doses?


Are there any clinical data regarding Allicin and prostatitis? A quick search of the National Library of Medicine provides no publications at all regarding allicin and  prostatitis or symptom. There is one publication about allicin and prostate, which is not relevant to the issue under consideration.


There are 11 articles on allicin and pain. Perhaps the most directly relevant article comes from Sichuan University. It was published in the journal Medical Hypotheses. It provides no clinical observation that would test the hypothesis that allicin matters to the treatment of aphthous ulcers.

No publications for prostatitis as far as I am aware (I did a search a while back) but a trial would certainly be interesting considering the significant number of men having improvements on the now closed forum mentioned above. I am not aware if there are any risks or not with pharmecutical doses of allicin but I can say I have had no adverse affects when compared with antibiotics I have tried.

There is a trial on chronic MRSA sufferers that was done in the UK on 52 patients who failed all antibiotic treatment. They were all cured within 18 weeks.

Whats interesting is its ability to inhibit multi resistant strains. There is also some data on allicins ability in breaking down biofilms-again I have not got link to hand but a quick google of "allicin and biofilm" will find some info.

I forgot to mention since taking Allicin I have not had a single cold. I dont remember a time in my life in the UK during this time of year when I did not catch a cold, it may just be luck but that would seem like to much of a coincidence to me....!!!!
I read on another forum that a man tried low dose of allicin without much help then increased to 1g at one go. His problem cleared rapidly after that.

How long did the relief last?

Does he still have to take the Allicin to keep it resolved?

Had his problem been cyclical before Allicin?

Is there a recommended dose? Is there an escalating risk with increased dose?


These are some of the basic questions to help define optimal use and to guide informed decision making, especially in light of an email received last week from a young man for whom Allicin worked for a few weeks but for whom Allicin no longer works at all: All his symptoms have returned.



You are absolutely right to try to get followup, because the effect of loss to followup is data censorship, which interferes with the ability to quantify the likelihood of treatment effect. Data censorship due to loss to followup is a very common problem in clinical research.


Thanks for your input.

What was the dosage of trimethoprim you used? How fast did the symptoms clear? Were they resolved while on antibiotic or afterwards when you were taking allicinmax alone?

I have been suffering of this horrible disease for more than 2 years now.

over the months, I have tried many things: long courses of antibiotics, prostate injections, prostate massage, quercitin, chineese herbs, cranberry juices, etc, etc.....without real success.


Even when I was taking antibotics which the bacteria (ecoli) was sensitive to, I didn't feel much  improvement.


Relief was found only with capsule once daily when needed (almost every day) was enough to control the pain.


Following Nik advices, since beginning of this year I have taken 4 pills of Allicin max daily (2 morning, 2 night)...I have noticed a real difference compared to before, it is hard to measure it: but I would say it was common for me to reach about 24/25 CPSI score...since then I seldom take tramadol and my CPSI score is max 18....some day I hardly feel the pain. today I am taking only allicin and nothing else execpt xatral to improve urinary flow as prescribed by my doc, no more abx.


Nevertheless, we must be very careful with this disease as the symptoms wax and wayne and we can wrongly believe that the last treatment we took is effective and it is in fact just the normal course of the disease with  symptoms drop without any specific reason.


I will keep taking these pills and see what happens.


Hi jef. I am really pleased they are helping you. I hope it lasts.

Nik, aren't you the person who said that a 6-point change is equivalent to a placebo effect? Is this potentially not what a change from 24 to 18 represents?



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