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Well - I have completed another round of injectons (once every 2 weeks for 6 sets). Each injection was into the seminal vesicles and prostate. Injection cocktail very similar to Dr. Bahn's well known protocol. I have done this numerous times over the past 10 years. First time I got 6 months relief. Second time I got over 5 years of relief.

I am now a fw weeks out and 95% symptom free. I will post if I relaps or if I hold steady.

I view this mode of treatment like a periodic therapy. It has had virtually no side effects (long term) - short term pain and blood - but that is nothing compared to the pain of the disease....

Just wanted to mention something that seems to be working for me at the moment.....
I know others have tried this approach - some with success - some with failure.....

If I could know (I mean really know) that I would not be incontinant or impotent I would just go get the LRP. But I have not made that mental switch yet - maybe soon.......if I relapse early....

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Dear James

I am glad this treatment works for you....

I have tried myself this option with my local Uro: protocol very similar with Dr Bahn...My doc told me it was a temporary fix and usually his patients got around 3months of relief.

Unfortunately it didn't bring me any relief but worsened my symptoms.

and one thing very weird happens after the injection my PSA raised from 1.0 to 6 months after this treatement my PSA is still oscillating between 5 to 6.

just to share my little experience.
I hope it gives you another 5 years James. I wish I had a good response to this treatment.
We do regularly hear stories of worsening symptoms with prostate injections. And plain outright prostate injection failures, at times associated with significant pain.

In the only study I've ever seen on injections, mean CPSI dropped from 25 to 17. Compared with historical controls, this is roughly on average the same as ciprofloxacin, pollen extract, and global therapeutic massage.
I hear you - I have lowered expectations - but high hopes.
I have gotten decent relief in the past - and hope to again.

If not - at least I know that there is options like LRP that did not exist until recently.
Don't misunderstand. Injections may very well work for individuals (hence the emphasis on "average" above). Overall, however, the injection story again argues for better research. Here's one reason this is so important ...

Nick had injections and reported at first that they really helped.
Nick later failed injection therapy, which he describes here.

To make rational, evidence-based clinical decisions requires prospective, standardized symptom measures, adequate followup ... you know, something we can interpret and quantify. It would have made no sense to tell everyone that David Radford felt great 3 hours after surgery. It's a whole other matter to say he's 3 years out, fully functional, totally happy, and completely asymptomatic. And it will be a whole level yet again when we can look at 200 "David Radfords" and present the average response over time, individual patters of response over time, etc.

Im thinking of going for injection in California I been having prostate problem for 4 months...  Should I go right away for injection...

The urgency of a treatment decision really depends upon the intensity of the symptoms, ability to tolerate them, and any risk (apart from symptoms) that their causes may represent. So it's partly a personal decision and it partly depends upon the assessment of a doctor. In other words, the best way to decide the urgency is to talk about it with your doctor(s).

I would be cautious about injections at 4 months - I had great success - but exhausted all other things first.

They can be quite serious - and side effects have been reported - so talk to a doctor who does them - and think it through first.

do u know what trigger your prostatit was it bacteria...   if so do u know wich one



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