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Hi everyone, I'm Rhythm, 59, and new to this forum. Thanks for all the support here.

I've only had prostatitis for 6 months, so when I see members posting that they are in their 10th or 15th year of this unbearable disease, it makes me feel foolish saying I don't how much longer I can bear it. It also makes me feel quite depressed and hopeless that my own prostatitis could be around for decades. Obviously I was hoping to resolve it within months, or 1 year at the most, but there seems to be no dependable treatments that work consistently, just "I tried everything and nothing's really helped," or "I get a tiny bit of relief, just taking the edge off, if I take a whole bunch of Tramadol" or some other heavy-duty prescription drug.

Occasionally, someone reports 50%-90% ongoing relief from some nutrient or supplement (like Allicin,) but then others say "Didn't do anything for me."

I, too, have tried many, many things to reduce the pain - mostly non-prescription methods & supplements, since prescription pain-relievers like codeine and drugs like SSRIs & Tramadol make me feel very druggy. NSAIDS like Advil/Aleve do nothing for the pain, even 600 mg of Advil.

I will continue my own search for something that actually works, and contribute here. I welcome any advice you all can share. I am currently trying a week of fresh-cooked Chinese herbs from a master herbalist who says he's had success with prostate/bladder issues, but on day 5, no improvement.

For me, my main symptom is the burning, rash-like pain in my scrotum, perineum, and rectum. I also have burning pee and pain at tip of penis, but I'm not peeing excessively...only had 3-4 nights in the whole 6 months where I got up 5-6 times to pee, usually just twice.

If I could just find something to dial down the burning pain a few notches in my scrotum, perineum, and rectum (particularly my rectum, for some reason) I could bear some of the other symptoms.

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Blake i tried hot sauna for an hour it really helped more than hot bath or sitz bath , i wish if i could bring sauna to my house

Carl said:
I cant say that im cured but the trus show that there was my prostate was in good shape therefore my symptom are minimal and will continu to go at Bahn for follow up!!! I think that Bahn is a treatment not a cure.
Carl, it would be helpful if you could provide better details on your experience with Dr. Bahn. You state that he said your "prostate was in good shape". Did Dr. Bahn explain to you in detail of why you are experiencing your symptoms? I agree that it is unfortunate that it can be a challenge to get a urologist to do a TRUS for prostatitis related symptoms. But as most men on this forum are learning or have learned it is a process of trial and error.

Most of us this forum understand your frustration. However, going on a multi-paragraph rant does not help anyone....including yourself.

I think your confused on the difference between what a forum is and what a support group is. I'm not saying this to personally attack you. However, it is my belief that people come to this forum to help bring value to what they have tried and what maybe they have not.

Unfortunantly you have stated multiple times that you don't believe anything related to non-bacterial prostatitis. Therefore, I don't believe you would be interested in what has helped me. As most of is that have suffered or are suffering that stress is a contributor. Therefore, bashing physicians and the medical community does really seem to bring any type of value to the forum or it's individuals.

I wish you the best.

Go to this website you will find a lot of methods
Oooh , im so sorry for you actually today is my birthday and am in very terrible mode because my symptoms is waxing , am trying to ignore it
Yes sauna helped me with one week relief , when heat your body the blood will go more deeply to all your organs , and that would help in our problem , otherwise today i went to urologist and forced him to write a semen test and urine test for fungi , painball talked a lot about fungei maybe i had fungi because every culture i did come negative after talking soo much antibiotics , i will if the fungi test will show something , have you had fungi culture before?
Blake are you married ?

Well this has become quite the discussion, taking off from my original post! It's clear that we're all suffering and most of us aren't finding a "silver bullet" cure-all, or even a clear-cut cause...microbial. hidden-bacterial, bio-mechanical, who knows.

I am continuing my own process. I found NSAID pain relievers that dial the pain "down," though certainly not "off" - maybe from a 10 to a 6 or 5. I'm working with Mobic (meloxicam,) which does that, and I ordered diclofenac suppositories (another strong NSAID) because someone posted that helped him a lot. My dr. also prescribed Tramadol to try, but frankly I'm hesitant to try 'cause it's addictive, and 'cause I tend to get freaked out in my head by drugs that make me feel druggy & spaced out.

Beyond that, my burning pain level, especially anus & scrotum, has increased weekly since March. Urination still burns, but the few minutes of stinging afterwards has stopped, and the tip of my penis rarely hurts anymore. However there is now addition of pain in my lower back and sometimes up around kidneys. Currently I'm also feeling very fluey, mild fever & all...don't know if that's  connected or I simply have a flu simultaneously with the pelvic problems. Scares me, though. Makes me start worrying about cancer again, even though my PSA is quite low (1.2).

Seeing an osetopath this week to see how much of this is pelvic-adjustment/pudendal nerve based. Then seeing Bahn next week for a TRUS, through I'm pretty sure this isn't really a prostate-centered problem. Meantime, doing my best to ward off depression about the whole thing.

Keep us posted on Bahn im sure he will see what happening. Keep us posted!!!



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