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Dear All,


I decided to have a spinal cord stimulator operation for my chronic pain.  Its 4 weeks post operation and I am doing well.  I certainly have had some pain reduction and sleeping much better at night.  Its still early days and whether the benefits last is still a big question.  I decided to go this way first before I decdided to have the prostate cut out.

I still have some swelling and my surgeon believes it will take 3 months to 6 months to get the full benefit. 

I will keep members of the forum informed of my progress.


Charles Wilson

Sydney Australia 

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Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted as you go.

Others have reported spine-related procedures, including spine fusion and implantation of a pain pump.

Dear All,

It's now nearly 12 months since I had the spinal cord stimulator implanted.  I've decreased my methadone from 30mg a day to 10 mg.  I still have some residual testicular pain and I'm considering getting some further leads implanted to control this.


Best wishes


Charles Wilson

Sydney Australia



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