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Hello everyone,

Who here has had a cystoscopy? I go for one tomorrow, but I have never had the "pleasure" of getting it done. Do you have any suggestions? Two important things that I do not know are:

- is it flexible- or rigid-scope
- will I be taking preventative AB's

Should I expect a flare-up of prostatitis symptoms? Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!

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Never had it done Mike but if it were me I might just pop a valium to make sure I was really relaxed...!!! I have heard from others its just a little weird, not painful or anything.
i had one done. and things got worse a couple days later!!! a friend of mine in canada had it done and got worse a couple days later as well.
How did it get worse for you? Was it "permanent" or was it a flare-up for a few days?
i was pissing razors for months afterwards. and the my frequent urination started more . so i was pissing razors every 15 minutes . was just horrible.
Ok, thanks. I have heard that from a couple of people, but they said it went away, and the longest was about a month and a half....

The cystoscopy was not that bad. There is some slight discomfort when the nurse adminsters the lidocaine, and then there is an intense, but brief, pain as they insert the cystoscope. Overall the test lasted about 2 minutes, and luckily, the urologist said my bladder and urethra looked great. He also said my prostate looked good, but that is only one view.

The first post-procedure urination was interesting, and yes, it did feel like razor blades. I hope that goes away in the next day or so!

Overall, I would not hesitate if a urologist feels this test is necessary. It makes me actually feel better knowing that my prostate IS most likely to blame for my issues. Oh well, I will continue to see if PT works, and if not, surgery may be the next step.

Have a great, and hopefully pain-free, day.

Things went back to normal within 36 hours of the cystoscopy, but something interesting happened last night. First, let me back-track to the actual procedure. The urologist stated that I would feel a burning/pain while he passed the scope past a "muscular area." That was, by far, the most painful part of the procedure. Fast-forward to last evening. I sneezed while in a sitting position and felt a terrible pulling/burning sensation in the same area the urologist hit during the cystoscopy. It is around the base of the penis, and radiates/burns to the tip, and causing terrible pain while urinating. This mimics my typical urethral burning, and is quite aggravating.

I wonder, could that be the smooth muscle near/around the prostate? Did I actually tear/injure the muscle fiber with a simple sneeze? Could the irritated prostate be causing this?
Hi Mike;

I had prostatitis for 13 years. I had cystocscopy about 4 times. It's uncomfortable and takes a few days to get over the irritiation. It did didn't flare up the prostatitis that I can recall. However they were invariably "negative" and never really contributed I think to getting help with the real porblem. prostatitis jsut doesn't show up on cystocscopy.

Nick Muff MD
Thank you for the reply Dr. Muff. Congrats on your success as well! You video is very detailed and certainly provides hope for us fellow prostatitis sufferers!
Hang in there! I am sitting here 9 months later feeling well with NO prostatitis symnptoms. It seems to good to be true!

MikeS said:
Thank you for the reply Dr. Muff. Congrats on your success as well! You video is very detailed and certainly provides hope for us fellow prostatitis sufferers!



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