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I've decided to keep an online journal here of what's going on since I've really failed over the last year to keep track of everything. Today my husband called the urologist and asked if there was an appointment sooner than the 18th and there was. TODAY! They decided to fit him in this afternoon.  We get to the office and a panic attack sets in. A very real and physical panic attack complete with fainting, chills, shaking, and tingling sensations throughout his limbs. The same thing happened…


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My husband's words on the issue:

Right now, this is the extent of what my husband can think of to say about his current pain and suffering:

"In this world, there are one of two things that can go seriously wrong with your health. It can either be chronic or terminal. One flat-out kills you, the other tortures you until you die. Right now, if I have to have one or the other, I wish it wasn't the chronic one."

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First entry

I decided to join this site, if for anything else, to just be able to talk about this in a community that might understand. My husband, Paul, has been suffering from severe symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis since around the end of November, 2009.  His old GP recognized the symptoms right away and referred him to a urologist who then officially diagnosed him with CP. He has only done medication treatments and one massage session. I know little to nothing about medical terminology and CP even…


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