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Hello everyone.. I am a fellow prostatitis sufferer living in Canada. My conditions seems to be a little different than most peoples... I started having the symptoms about 9 months ago. It started as a sharp pain in my pelvic region for which I saw the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics and some pain killers... The pain continued and I saw another doctor who did some urine tests and found nothing.. I finally saw a Urologist who did a cystoscopy which found showed no abnormalities... He checked my stream of urine and it was low and based on this he concluded I had prostatitis. He precribed cipro 3 weeks and than 4 weeks after that. My symptoms after this subsided for about a month than came back with pain in the testicles for which I went back to him... he has presribed cipro 4 weeks again.. But I am not taking it... I am going to see a different urologist now to see what he says,... I have never had any fevers or chills from my prostatitis, which leads me to think its not bacterial however the antibiotics Ive taken have seem to help, especially the Azithromyacin which I took for the testicle pain, and the doxycycline to a lesser extent helped with th pain aswell.

My question is:
What is the cost of Dr. Bahn's treatment in Cali? (the 3-4 sessions everything included)
And does his treatment really work? I am going to consider it if this next urologist cant do anything for me either...

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Hello Kay H

You should ask your urologist to do a TRUS (transrectal ultrasound) in order to check the state of your prostate (calcification, inflammation...etc) and also ask him to culture your prostatic fluid and sperm for every bacteria even mycoplasme and Chlamydia which are more difficult to detect....according to the results he will be able to tell you what prostatitis you suffer of...i didn't see any of these tests in your description and they are very impotant for the accuracy of the diagnostic.

I plan also to see Dr Bahn may be this summer...cost is 1400USD for 3 injections.
Hey thanks for the reply Jef.... I am currently in the process of getting an appointment to see a different urologist as this one seems to only prescribe antibiotics without doing proper tests... Oddly enough I dont think its his fault as he doesnt seem adequatley trained to treat prostatitis... I am hoping the different urologist will be better at treating me although from what I've read I am not so sure... Anyways I will make sure I request a TRUS and also ask for a culture of prostatitic fluid and a semen culture as well... The cost of Dr. Bahn's treatment seems pretty reasonable good luck with your treatments with him...
Ok, keep us informed....
Hello Kay,

my symptoms started eight months ago. I have been cheked by three different urologist. I have tried several antibiotics Tarivid, Tavanic and Ditrim Duplo with no success. My sperm has been cheked too, no bacteria foundings but I have double amont of white blood cells compared to normal. Urologist told me that I have "non bacterial prostatitis".

My next plan is to visit DR. Federico Guercini MD in Rome Italy. According clinical test his treatment has high success rate 68% cured or almoust cured. The tratment is similar to Dr. Bans. The cost of three injections is 2500 euros.

Are there any DR FGs pations or ex-pations, I would like to know someones experiences about his treatmet. Does anybody know where I could find "patients stories" successed or failed?

I hope everybody understand my "english" :).
if you have double the amount of white blood cells . that means you have a infection. and your body is producing more white blood cells to fight it. your doctor is a idiot. thats why we are all in this problem because our doctors did not treat us right in the begining now we are in trouble . when i went to see dr. bahn he showed me i was full of infection . after 8 rounds im 95% better going back for round 9 next month . but i went to 20 retarded doctors before dr. bahn .
its a damn shame we have to suffer the way we do . GOD BLESS US ALL!!!
Hey Imnotcrazy,

Did they ever find bacteria in your cultures (urine/semen)? How did Dr. Bahn find out that you are full of infection? Through an ultrasound?
through the ultrasound . i had alot of black areas . now they are almost all clear . never came up positive for anything . one doc looked under a scope said it looked liked ecoli . but that was the only guy. i have had a dozen or more blood test . semen test . all negative.
Hmm.. thats odd, I wonder why they arent not able to detect it through cultures, maybe it is because that the culturing techniques are not able to detect it, or the there might be some other reason. I will make sure I request a TRUS because that seems to help... Thanks guys and all the best.

Hi iamnotcrazy

just one question for you: did you get your 8 injections all along every two weeks? or did you do a break after the 3 first rounds?

i went the first 3 every two weeks. then i went every couple months . now im doing every six months . most of the time im pain free . no symptoms . stress sometimes gives me a little burn. so im gonna keep going until its gone for good . dr. bahn and his staff saved my life!!!

Hi Pekka,

Have you eventually tried that treatment in Rome? Please PM me.


Hi Novik,

yes I  visited in Rome DR FG:s clinic but I decided not to take the injections.

DR FG examined my prostate and he found small signs of inflammation. He arranged a laboratory to

analyze my semen by PCR-DNA. The test result was negative to all germs they tested. I also read in internet that in some cases the injection treatment can fail (=worsen the symptoms).
At the time I visited the clinic my NIH-CPSI was 17 which was not so bad (at the beginning it was somwhere around 32).  My PSA value was 5 at the beginning, 2.5 after six months and 0.9 after one year. White blood cell count was normalized after one year.
Now after three years of beginning my prostatitis I am almost symptom free. I am also pleased decicion I made not to take the injections. I think in my case risks would be to high.
Here is a list some things I made to improve my prostatitis  ...
- Gialis (few months treatment). It is medication poor potency but it makes blood circulation better in prostate too (according DR. Aare Mehik).
- fitness workout and streching pelvis area (2-4 times per week)
- warm clothing in pelvis area (winter time must!)
- warm water bath/showers to pelvis area as frequently as possible
- ejaculation as frequently as possible
- eate cranberries, blueberries every day
I wish good luck to you and everybody else! And happy new year 2012!
Best Regards

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