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Conventional, Alternative ... there are all kinds of treatment options for prostatitis. Which ones are new? Which ones are best?

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InfraRed lamp prostate treatment. 3 Replies

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Strong warning fluoroquinolones drugs ! 1 Reply

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Lack of "dependable" treatments quite depressing 40 Replies

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TUNA (transurethral needle ablation)

Started by jeffos Jun 22, 2014.

Do Treatments Work? 15 Replies

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Acupuncture for prostatitis treatment 21 Replies

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Effects of Long Term Antibiotic Use 9 Replies

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Does anybody has expirience with Sildenafil?

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Spinal cord stimulator operation 2 Replies

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Bee Pollen 1 Reply

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Frequently asked questions for newcomers 2 Replies

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Headache in the pelvis? 2 Replies

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AllicinMax helping a lot. 35 Replies

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Injections 9 Replies

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Prostate Massage (Painful?) 6 Replies

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Prostatic massage in combination with Antibiotics 17 Replies

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Dispersal of biofilms and prostatitis flare ups 6 Replies

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Being Young With Prostatitis 3 Replies

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Homeopathic remedies 4 Replies

Started by Doug Thorn. Last reply by Arnon Krongrad, MD Apr 4, 2012.

Propolis 3 Replies

Started by Tom. Last reply by Arnon Krongrad, MD Jan 2, 2012.

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Comment by Andy on August 19, 2011 at 3:13pm
Hi guys, having navagated this site for just a few day i would like to thank everyone that have posted their various experences on different types of pain releif and treatments. This information is a great sourse to me, up to now i have found it very difficult to find any information from like minded people who no what your going through.. I have only chatted to a few people on here but have been reading lots of your storys and views with intrest. many thanks
Comment by Tom on September 15, 2011 at 8:42am
Does anybody know of a good doctor/clinic in the Toronto area.  I've been 5 rounds now with my GP and the urologist he keeps sending me to.  The only treatment they can offer is a 12 week course of the same anitibiotic but that's not working anymore.
Comment by Ryan on April 24, 2012 at 10:12am

OK So does anyone know of a good combo to help with this as I am on my 3rd antibiotic now and my Dr is basically just going through the list top to bottom and I really don't want to be his little side experiment for drug trails.


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